Highlights – Town Council Meeting, April 12, 2022

Meeting was held in person at Whiteside Taylor and was also webcast. These notes are an overview. The recording of the meeting and the agenda can be found on the Town website. The approved Minutes will eventually be on the Town website. Text in italics indicates the minute marker for the webcast  for quick reference.

Mayor Ektvedt opened the meeting at 7:32pm.


Online Questions:

  • Question regarding the enforcement of laws for pesticide use this summer. Minute 1:43
    • Cllr Lowensteyn responded that enforcement with fines will occur and there will be reminders to citizens that pesticide use is forbidden in Baie-D’Urfé.
  • Question about the enforcement of By-Laws 1060 and 875 with regards to the new Urban Planning inspector with the inquiry as to whether the priority would be the inspection of new constructions. In addition the question asked about the public communication and reports of such activities in the spirit of transparency. Minute 2:49
    • Cllr Lowensteyn responded that the job has been posted for an Urban Planning Inspector but has not yet been filled; however, the function continues to be performed with existing staff.
    • Priority will be given to new and existing infractions.
    • Council receives regular reports on any legal matters from the Administration and any complaint by a citizen is responded to by Urban Planning.
  • Question about status of 722 Surrey with its construction site. Minute 5:00
    • Cllr Lowensteyn encourages the citizen to reach out to Urban planning to outline the concerns outlined in the question.
    • A new permit has been issued and there is recourse if the work is not compliant.

Commandant Couture Report Minute 7:30

  • Report read by Mr. Bouchard, Director General
  • Speed enforcement operations have been performed near 19000 Transcanada highway and many fines A speeding operation was also conducted at Beaconsfield Boul and Magnolia.
  • Community officer visited AVH and Joseph Henrico
  • No issue this spring with flooding but the SPVM continue to monitor.
  • One protest occurred in the industrial park but it was managed peacefully.
  • There were 3 break-ins to the Subway restaurant in March. The SPVM is monitoring closely.


Mayor’s Report Minute 10:00

  • April 2nd the Town participated in an Easter walk to collect goodies, an activity organized by a volunteer. The Mayor handed out 80 treats and thanks the volunteer for their community spirit.
  • The flag at Bertold park has been removed due to a woodpecker feasting on the pole making it unsafe. A history of the pole was provided – part of the rich history of Baie-D’Urfé.
  • April 24-30th is International Volunteer Week – the Town has been working on providing recognition to our volunteers .


Councilors’ Reports

  • Cllr Gruber (Minute 14:24) The coast guard boat is being prepared and will be in the water the first week of May. Advises to take care if you go near, or on, the water.


  • Cllr Bissada (Minute 15:48) Spoke to the Dawson petition – more than 20,000 signed the petition. Despite this, the government has decided to prioritize to use of limited resources for the French CEGEPS and therefore the renovation originally planned at Dawson has been cancelled.


  • Cllr Lowensteyn (Minute 17:50) The News & Views had pruning guidelines – please be careful not to disturb active nests and professional services should be considered for larger trees.
    • Two books have been dedicated to former Councillor Michel Beauchamp and are now in circulation at the library.
    • Junior Council is meeting on April 26th at Fritz Farm for youth ages 12-18. More information can be found in the April News & Views.
    • Earth Day is the week of April 18th volunteers will be cleaning up areas of our Town. For more information please see the Interface Section of the News & Views or email the Citizens’ Association at bdca@baiedurfe.ca


Director General’s Report (Minute 20:45)

  • Town Hall Restoration: In March, the tender went out for the restoration of the Town Hall and will be open until May 5th . The tender needs to be sent to the Québec government for approval to obtain the subsidy. It is expected that the contract will be awarded in June/July.
  • Drainage Along Surrey: Council has agreed to give a mandate to a professional services company to design the necessary infrastructure to manage the drainage in this area. This will involve building a pumping station to keep the area dry. Expect plans at the end of 2022 and a tender in early 2023.


Correspondence (Minute 23:53)

  • Letter from Mr. Frank DiMeglio regarding a request for an amendment to the zoning by-law regarding placement of a detached garage on the front set-back of the lot. Details of the proposal were discussed by Cllr Drouin and the project will not move forward.


Administration (Minute 27:58)

  • Notice of vacancy in the position of Councillor Seat 3. As per the AERM, a vacancy occurring 12 months or greater from the regular scheduled municipal election must be filled. Therefore, a by-election will be called by August 7, 2022, and details will be disclosed soon by the Town Clerk.
  • Resolution of solidarity with the Ukrainian People (Minute 29:47). Given the conflict occurring in Ukraine, the Town of Baie-D’Urfé Council joins its fellow Québec municipal officials to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and to end this conflict and to retract all Russian forces.
  • Professional Mandate Septic Tank Replacement of the Town Hall Restoration Project Minute 32:44). The contract was awarded ($12,152) for the plans and estimate for this project.
  • Non-renewal notice (Minute 34:05). Council authorized the Director General to issue a notice of non-renewal to the Community Building Club (CBC). As per the contract, a six month notice of non-renewal is required.


Finance (Minute 35:47)

  • Approval of expenses for the month of March occurred in the amount of $931,988.
  • Tabling of the compliance audit report by the Commission municipale du Québec regarding the submission of the financial reports. The audit was performed without issue.
  • Due to the resignation of Councillor Ryan, her name was removed as signing delegate with the bank.
  • Bond issuance tender Loan by-laws no. 1075 and 1076 refers to Lakeshore work, and the work on the TransCanada Details are on the webcast or in the official Minutes on the Town website.
  • Harmonization and short-term resolution concerning a bond issue in the amount of $ 5,369,000. Details are on the webcast or in the official
  • Notice of motion– By-law no. 1080 on the remuneration of the elected municipal officers of the Town of Baie-D’Urfé. This concerns the cost of living adjustment for elected officials.
  • Reduction in appropriation of the affected surplus Shoreline Stabilization and Outfall Rehabilitation at Bertold Park Project. Funds were received from the TECQ program thereby reducing the overall cost of the project and funds were transferred back to the unaffected surplus to reflect this.
  • Reduction in appropriation of the affected surplus, non-affected surplus and financial reserve from By-law no. 1050. Certain funds were not used and therefore transferred back to the affected surplus. Details are on the webcast or in the official


Parks, Recreation and Environment (Minute 54:44)

  • Appointment – Members of the Baie-D’Urfé Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee (PRAC).
    • Mandate of the Committee is to provide recommendations to Council regarding parks, green spaces, and recreational spaces. The Committee is struck for one year duration beginning April 12, 2022.
    • Chair of the Committee will be Cllr Bissada assisted by Cllr Lowensteyn.
    • Committee will be composed of: Brendan Buckley, Guiseppina Caruso, Boriana Cristov, Inès Forgue and Jeff Funnekotter
  • Creation of the Environment Advisory Committee.
    • Mandate of the Committee is to provide support, to advise and to provide recommendations to Council regarding the Environment on the territory. The Terms of Reference of this Committee will be provided by Council. The Committee is struck for one year duration beginning April 12, 2022.
    • Committee will consist of Cllrs Lowensteyn, Drouin and Mayor Eckvedt
    • Resident Committee Members will be: Richard Gregson, Jim Fyles, Karin Gébert, Susan Hawker and Philippe Paulmier.
  • Resolution moved on CN’s spraying of chemical herbicides. CN uses pesticides along the train tracks and the Town received correspondence to this effect. The pesticides proposed are allowed both provincially and federally. Council denounces this practice and requests that the Ministry of Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change ban the use of chemical herbicides and any treatment that can harm the environment. A specific call to CN is made to not use any herbicides or pesticides in Baie-D’Urfé.


Public Security & Traffic

  • No agenda item.


Public Works &Town Infrastructure (Minute 1:01:39)

  • Notice of motion and filing of draft by-law – By-law no.1079 ordering to carry out the rehabilitation work (drainage and paving) of Lakeview and Sunny Acres Streets, and authorizing an expenditure and a loan of $ 3,530,000. A special meeting will be called soon to pass this motion to ensure the borrowing by-law can be approved by the MAMH.
  • Acquisition of an electric vehicle – Contract was awarded for the purchase of a Hyundai Kona in the amount of $40,029.
  • Professional Services for the completion of a hydraulic feasibility study in the western sector of the Town – Awarding of contract for hydraulic studies (gradients, culverts etc) in the amount of $32,882.


Town Planning (Minute 1:08:12)

  • Appointment – Cllr Lowensteyn is nominated Chair of the Town Planning Advisory Committee for a period of two years.
  • Site Planning Architectural Integration Program (SPAIP) submission for 20153 Lakeshore Road was approved regarding a new window.
  • SPAIP submission for 20756 Gay Cedars Street was approved for the proposed renovations.
  • Professional mandate to a law firm is mandated by Council for 705 Westchester Street with regards to the preservation and rehabilitation of property.
  • Notice of motion– By-law no. 961-7, amending By-law no. 961 on minor exemptions of the Town of Baie-D’Urfé. The alteration of the footprint of the house compared to the off-sets is proposed and will provide some flexibility when making decisions in this area given the large variety of lots that exist in the town.
  • Notice of motion– By-law no. 877-13, amending By-law no. 877 on construction of the Town of Baie-D’Urfé, as already amended, in order to repeal the regulatory provisions regarding the slope of the pool floor. This by-law does not exist in other municipalities, other than in Pointe-Claire. Public consultation will occur on this in the future.
  • Notice of motion– By-law no. 875-126, amending By-law no. 875 concerning zoning of the Town of Baie-D’Urfé, as already amended, in order to create Zone I-53. TPAC has approved this recommendation to Council. Public consultation on this matter will occur at a later date.
  • Notice of motion and filing of draft by-law – By-law no. 878-30amending By-law no. 878 concerning permits and certificates of the Town of Baie-D’Urfé, in order to increase fines for tree cutting.


Citizen Services and Community Affairs (Minute 1:25:15)

  • This annual expense is for the non-profit organizations for the year 2022 where $19,000 (in total) was transferred to the Junior Yacht Club Squadron, Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary, and the Curling Club Primary Relief Shelter.
  • Awarding of a grant of $2000 to support the 2022 Lunch and Learn program organized by McGill and. An amount of $2000 was provided by MNA Greg Kelley’s office.
  • Awarding of the annual grant of $3000 for the Antique Car Show on August 6th, 2022 at Fritz.


Question Period II (Minute 1:29:55)

  • In person: Question regarding the slope of the pool floor towards the drain in the TPAC notice of motion discussed during the meeting. Cllr Chartrand indicated that the by-law was unclear as to how to measure the floor, and that, as it was written, required a larger footprint than was deemed necessary. This by-law inadvertently also prevents the usage of prefab pools which do not respect the specifications in the existing by-law.

Meeting was closed at 9:04pm.

Andrea Gilpin Reporting for News & Views