“Highlights – Town Council Meeting, August 10, 2021

(Held via webcast due to COVID-19 restrictions – Full recording and agenda of the Town Council meeting is available on the Town website.)

Mayor Ektvedt opened the meeting at 7:31 pm

Adoption of the agenda with the addition of item G2: Awarding of a contract, professional services for Geotechnical Studies, Town Hall Renovation.

Question Period I

  • Question 1: Regarding the shore line behind the Town Hall and what is being planned to restore the shore stabilisation – DG: the Ministry rejected dredging and requested that the town proceeds again by  bio-stabilization, planting seedlings which will grow and stabilize the shore in a more natural way.
  • Question 2:  What is being done to put a stop to illegal use of pesticides ? – Councilor Lowensteyn: pesticides are banned, whether for cosmetic reasons or otherwise. 18 notices have been already issued for infractions to be followed by fines if the infractions persist.
  • Question 3 – Can there be a new bylaw to ensure that the footprint of one house does not exceed 10% the house it replaces – Councilor Ryan:  such a bylaw cannot be implemented, but the expected overhaul of the related bylaws will address this issue. Current demolition requests were submitted before the increased fees took effect.
  • Question 4 – How to prevent buyers from acquiring a property and letting it decay until it qualifies for demolition? – Councilor Ryan: the overhaul of the related bylaws should address this issue, but unfortunately this it is not moving fast enough (staff shortages, waiting for the strategic planning, …)
  • Question 5 – Why is Baie-D’Urfé’s SPAIP (Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program) much smaller than Pointe Claire’s and how could we make sure that the size of a new property can fit in an existing neighborhood? – Councilor Ryan: Pointe Claire is bigger and much less homogenous than Baie-D’Urfé; moreover, SPAIP bylaw covers only a small part of the town’s road and hence cannot be used as much, however this might change once the bylaws are looked at and overhauled.
  • Question 6 – Residents would like to swim in the water at Park Bertold and would enjoy a sandy beach there – Councilor Lowensteyn: work for the shore line stabilization will start soon; the plan includes a quay for kayaks and canoes but not a sandy beach..
  • Question 7 – Follow-up to an email sent earlier requesting the modification of a bylaw to allow the installation of a swimming pool – Councillor Ryan: Urban Planning had spoken to the resident already but this new request will be discussed at a future caucus meeting.

SPVM Station 1Lieutenant Deslaurier

Lieutenant Deslaurier:  1) Assuring the residents that the physical assault a resident recently suffered on Upper Cambridge does not represent a threat to their safety and security, but was a result of a confrontation between tenant and landlord, and a suspect is already detained. 2) Social agents of the Police visited 24 senior residents, living alone and isolated because of the Covid, to ensure their safety; residents who know of other senior residents in that same situation should let the police know as they work with the West Island Crisis Centre to visit and ensure the safety of such residents. 3) The police have now four agents patrolling on bicycles, ensuring the safety of pedestrians and more particularly of cyclists; cyclists who receive a ticket have the option to waive the ticket by attending an online training regarding safety on a bicycle. 4) There is now an app, “529 Garage” allowing cyclists to register their bike to prevent its theft and help recover it if stolen.  5) Two issues : 1) pedestrians’ and cyclists’ safety on the path between Chestnut and Oakridge; 2) excess speed on Morgan road – both issues are being addressed in collaboration with the town 6) Reminder to residents to respect speed limits and road safety rules, as schools are due to start in a few weeks and there will be an increased police presence.

Mayor’s Report

1) There was no meeting with the (CIUSSS) de l’Ouest-de-l’Île during the last two weeks. Overall, the Baie-D’Urfé vaccination rate is satisfactory, but it is slightly low for the age group from 18 to 39- year-old.  All residents, particularly the younger ones, are strongly encouraged to get the two-dose vaccination. (2) Demolition meetings held recently. (3)  Attended the monthly meetings of: the CBC, the Library and the CA – overall was very impressed by the dedication and the hard work of the volunteers in these organizations. Pleased also to see that Truth & Reconciliation initiatives are being integrated in many of the town’s clubs’ activities. For the CA, dates are confirmed for two events:  a) August 24 – a zoom info session by our MNA Greg Kelley regarding Bill 96; and b) August 28 – fireworks at the Fritz Farm. 4)  On August 9, two theatre productions were held around Fritz Farm: one in the morning for the children and the second in the evening (sonnets) by Shakespeare in the Park  5) The Scouts held an enjoyable water event near the Fritz Farm 6) Thanks to Linda Tait who offered a beautiful black & white photo of the town.  7) Provigo will install a churros food truck from August 19 to 22 for fund raising, for an outdoor gym in honor of a Ste-Anne resident.

 Councilors’ Reports

Councilor Lowensteyn: 1) Curling Club held their AGM; they worked hard to prepare the club for the upcoming season despite the Covid challenges. Details on their website. 2) John Weir Park: weeds will be pulled out from the infield; baseball and softball organized games will be put on hold as they represent a hazard to the Pumptrack users; the trial period of the Pumptrack continues in that park and residents are encouraged to send their comments directly to the town (rather than on Facebook) to info@baiedurfe.qc.ca . 3) Congratulations to Jean and Richard Gregson for their contribution to a national environmental BioBlitz; it was the 6th highest contribution all over Canada. 4)  Reminder that outdoor fires are not permitted across the Montreal agglomeration, including Baie-D’Urfé. 5) Announced her intention to run again as a candidate in the upcoming municipal elections.

Councilor Phelps: 1) Library updates:  a) decided to abolish late fees but will maintain the fees for items lost or damaged; b) working on having a collection of books written about indigenous topics by indigenous authors c) is discussing the most effective way to spend the grant offered by the CN. d) the TD Summer Reading Club season was very successful.  2) Traffic Committee: pleased to see the police monitoring excess speed and issuing tickets when necessary. Report was received from the consulting company, SIMA, mandated to address the speed problem on Morgan, and a presentation will be made to the Council.

Councilor Gilpin – 1) Security: a) Coast Guard : responded to 31 emergency calls, brought back safely to shore 77 people and 23 boats and provided 23 boat safety inspections; the level of the water in the  lake is a bit higher, but caution is still required. b) Rescue Squad recorded 212 volunteers/hours, are keeping busy with patrolling the streets, ensuring their safety, and scheduled to help with first aid support at Roxboro. c) VCops are continuing to patrol our streets but due to holidays, no details available. 2) Communication:  a call for our town’s seasoned photographers to share their photographs of Baie-D’Urfé with the town for its website 3) Youth portfolio: the junior council would like to hold an activity night every Friday; looking for around 20 volunteers to take turns supervising these Friday night activities at the Red Barn.

Councilor Doherty – Repair work on Lakeshore from Morgan going East to Beaconsfield progressing; Hydro Quebec is also working on changing wires causing some traffic disruption.

Councilor Ryan: The Demolition Committee had a number of hearings and two decisions have been appealed:  the demolition of 8 Brittany was initially approved, but the Committee received a number of appeals (11 appeals received); the other situation is at 705 Westchester, where the request for demolition was rejected and an appeal was submitted by the owner. The Council will look at these appeals toward the end of August and a public meeting may take place only in September.

 Director General’s Report

  • Parking lot and path leading to the Fritz Farm almost complete and work well done. 2) Work on the 40-service road is scheduled to be complete by October 18. However, delays may occur due to the complexity of coordinating the work between the town, Hydro Quebec and the MTQ. Please check the website for updates, changes or delays.  3) Work on Lakeshore going well despite problems with valves needing to be replaced, and taking more time than anticipated .  The work on the parking lot of the Whiteside Taylor was delayed until the permit was received from the Ministry.  Coordination between work on the Lakeshore and work on Whiteside Taylor’s parking lot is necessary; it should be completed as initially scheduled.  However please check the website for updates in case of any changes or delays.


  • Letter regarding the acoustic screen – Councilor Doherty : regarding the drainage, the work, will start most likely next year as MTQ must approve. With respect to the acoustic wall – it will be an item for the next council to address.
  • Letter asking if a moratorium can be declared on any new demolitions until bylaws are modified? – Councilor Ryan: For now, the Demolition Committee has to work with the existing bylaws and cannot impose a moratorium. However, no demolition requests have been submitted since the increased demolition permit fees were imposed.


  • Authorization for filing an application for financial assistance – RÉCIM program, Renovation of Town Hall – initial application to qualify for funding submitted in January and received a positive response. A subsidy of up to 60% of the cost of the project can be granted. These are very good news.
  • Award of a contract for professional services, geotechnical studies, for the Renovation of the Town Hall project, to Solmatech Inc. for the amount of $32,078.03


  1. Approval of the list of expenses for the month of July 2021 ($501,132.75)

Parks, Recreation & Environment

  • Awarding of contract to Bio- Control Agricole Inc. in the amount $19,267.75 – Protection Program of Public Ash Trees 2021 – Treatment with TreeAzin –
  • Award of a contract to Solution BFC Inc. in the amount of $68,490.61 for the purchase of lamp posts for the Baie-D’Urfé Yacht Club.


Public works and infrastructure

Approval of the purchase of a used dump truck, Freightliner, in the amount of $34,387.53. This truck is equipped with a hydraulic compactor.

Town Planning

  1. Rejection of the request for an amendment to the Zoning By-law submitted by the owner of– 8, Sunny Acres Street
  2. Approval of the Request of a Site Planning Architectural Integration Program (SPAIP) – 8 Sunny Acres
  3. Notice of motion and filing – Draft By-law concerning the use of drinking water – the existing by-law does not conform to the requirements of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs. The new by-law will be generally similar with some changes.

Citizen Services and Community Affairs

  • Approval of a financial contribution to the Baie-D’Urfé Citizens’ Association in the amount of $10,000 for the Baie-D’Urfé Days, more specifically the fireworks.
  • Request to authorize and sign – a five-year Lease Agreement between the Town of Baie-D’Urfé and the Whiteside Taylor Preschool August 2021 to August 2026; as the CPE of the Whiteside Taylor was authorized to expand from 65 to 80 children and this agreement provides the Red Barn’s Coop as a new location for the preschool to be moved to. The vote was split equally for and against, which then leads to a rejection, e. the Agreement was not approved.
  • Authorization to Sign a 10-year Lease Agreement between the Town of Baie-D’Urfé and the Whiteside Taylor Childcare Centre, from 2021 to 2031. The agreement provides the CPE with additional space, based on the assumption that the preschool will move to the Red Barn. (rejected by the previous vote). The Lease Agreement was approved by a majority vote (the dissenting voice was due to the fact that it would result in removing the preschool from Whiteside Taylor, without providing them with an alternative location).

Question Period II

No questions submitted.

Meeting closed at 9:25 pm.

Nadia Bissada, reporting for the News & Views