August 9, 2022


Notes on the Council Meeting held August 9, 2022

Meeting was held in person at Whiteside Taylor and was also offered by videoconference. These notes are an overview. The meeting and agenda, in its entirety, can be found on the Town website. Text in italics indicates the minute marker for the videoconference for quick reference

The agenda was adopted with two changes – adding N.1. Approval of a SPAIP for 20756 Gay Cedars and the letter from Marcel Menard was moved from “correspondence” to the first question period.

Questions from the public (minute 0.18)

Alain Brunet, 76 Churchill – will the Council be returning to the “portfolio” format – Mayor Ektvedt explained that discussion will take place at the next special caucus meeting and decided upon by the Council as a whole.

Ralph Allison, 704 Devon Place – is there a timeline for the bylaw revision process and could it be made public – not yet available

Marcel Menard, 120 Bedford – about the status of the former gas station – M. Bouchard stated that a letter had been sent to the owner, First City Capital, on July 15, 2022, about the maintenance of the property and their reply will be communicated to the Council.

Alain Brunet – 76 Churchill – as the usage of Bertold Park has been increased, could the Town furnish a toilet on site – Mayor Ektvedt said that a portable toilet had already been ordered and was expected Wednesday.

SPVM Report – Commandant Couture (minute 0.27)

Speeding operations were carried out in front of Whiteside Taylor and on the A40 service road.

Two traffic officers attended the July meeting of the Traffic and Road Safety Committee.

Bike officers were present at Baie-D’Urfé Day, Fritz concerts, Shakespeare in the Park and the Vintage Car Show.

There was a meeting with the VCOPs to discuss operations and collaboration. We are reminded of the basics to prevent vehicle thefts – lock the doors, etc.

There was a reminder that citizens can contact the station at 514 280 0101 or

Mayor’s Report (minute 0.33)

Welcome to the new councillors – Tony Brown and Tom Thompson, sworn in on July 25.

The Mayor attended, via Zoom and in person, several association and committee meetings – BDCA, Library, Traffic, Parks, Environment, Town Planning, Junior Council.

Thanks for the VCOPs and Scouts for handling parking at the Vintage Car Show. Reminders for the BDCA fireworks on August 27th, Seniors’ Rendezvous on September 15.

An open invitation was received for a memorial service for Lionel Groome at Fritz on August 14 at 14h00.

Councillors’ Reports (minute 0.40)

Cllr Bissada welcomed Cllrs Brown and Thompson and announced the September 15 Seniors’ Rendezvous.  She attended a Curling Club meeting and invited the public to the BDCC golf tournament on August 28.

Isabelle Raymond, a Concordia PhD student, has installed a temperature gauge at Fritz as part of her project in 33 parks to determine the effect of temperature on plants, trees, etc. in different types of areas.  She will share her findings with the Town when complete.

Cllr Lowensteyn welcomed Cllrs Brown and Thompson.  Junior Council organized a Night Sky event on August 6 at Allen’s Hill with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.  About 30 people attended and the view from the telescope was excellent.  They have also organized an event, Jump In Sports, on August 13 and 14.  Games Night will return to the Red Barn on September 30.  The Library has received assistance from CN to re-model the young-adult section which will officially open August 17 at 19h00.

Cllr Gruber spoke to the VCOPs’ activities.  BDYC junior program is fully subscribed and upgrades to electrical and water supply around the harbour are in process.  The Coast Guard auxiliary has been very busy with patrolling and rescues.  As well, they have been training the new CG units to be based in Nunavut.

Cllr Brown presented a report on Rescue Squad activities (400 hours in July) which included first-aid at the Pointe-Claire Yacht Club for the Quebec-wide youth sailing regatta and serving meals at the Ste-Anne Legion in their fund-raising event on July 10, the Vintage Car Show on August 6.

Director-General’s Report (minute 0.52)

The Town Hall project has been re-issued for tenders; the closing date is September 15.

Correspondence (minute 0.54)

A letter was received from M. Malenfant of Scholle IPN in the industrial park.  Scholle produces wrapping for the food industry and has an insect problem in their plant.  A mandate has been given to the Environment Committee to examine the request and our pesticide bylaw.

Administration (minute 0.58)

Ms. Laurence Laflamme was appointed to the position of Assistant Town Clerk.

Ms. Megan Smith was appointed to the position of Recreational Activities Technician.  Cllr Thompson registered his opposition to this new position.

Ms. Anne St-Onge was appointed to the position of Environmental Technician.

Finance (minute 1.17)

The monthly cash disbursements totalled $577,463 and included a payment to Sanivac of $70,000 and one for new harbour lighting at BDYC of $50,000.

Cllrs Brown and Thompson were added to the signing authorization for Town-issued cheques.

Public Works and Town Infrastructure (minute 1.18)

Two additional expenses totalling about $68,000 were added to the loan bylaw for the re-build work done on Lakeshore Road west of Morgan Road.

The contract for drainage and roadwork on Sunny Acres and Lakeview was awarded to Ali Excavation, lowest conforming bid at $3,160,032.

Town Planning (minute 1.27)

An additional amount of $12,000 was added to the contract for professional services for the review and reform of the Town’s urban planning bylaws to review/revise the Urban Plan.

A site planning and architectural integration program (SPAIP) for a renovation at 41 Sunny Acres was approved as recommended by TPAC.

A mandate was awarded for legal services regarding bylaw non-conformity at 49 Lakeview.

Citizen Services and Community Affairs (minute 1.4)

A donation of $150 was made to the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre in memory of Mrs. Everdina Nymark.

New Business (minute 1.41)

Approval was given for the final SPAIP for 20756 Gay Cedars.

Question Period 2 (minute 1.44)

Alain Brunet of 76 Churchill asked for a description of the tasks for the Recreational Activities Technician and her contact information.  Mayor Ektvedt explained that the job description was available on the Town’s website.