The BDCA is proudly celebrating its 75th year! Given this important anniversary and the fact that  we are all returning to a more normal routine, the BDCA Executive wanted to revisit the BDCA mandate to ensure it continues to serve the community in the best way possible. Although the BDCA works with the Council and the Town Administration, the BDCA is a volunteer-run, independent organization with the goal of serving Baie-D’Urfé citizens.

The BDCA Executive has delegated this task to a sub-committee called the Constitution Committee. The Constitution Committee will lead this project and report regularly to the Executive, and the public, at the monthly regular public BDCA meetings. This Committee is Chaired by Andrea Gilpin and includes Laurie Fearon, Inès Forgue, Richard Gregson, Diane Tetreault and Betsy Williamson.

The Constitution defines the objectives of the BDCA in the services it provides to citizens using volunteers from the community. In recent years, several changes have occurred that provide merit to revisiting the Constitution. The pandemic has significantly changed how we all live our lives, the presence of social media, the ability to easily use videoconferencing are all things that are contributing to possible changes to the Constitution. Moreover, in recent years, the BDCA has developed its own web page and Facebook page which allows more timely communication to citizens. All of these factors combined led the BDCA Executive to begin this project which will take just under a year to complete.

Timeline & Project Progress

March 2022 BDCA Executive Committee establishes the Constitution Committee and the project begins Completed
April 2022 The Constitution Committee maps out the project and its approved at the April 2022 BDCA monthly meeting. Completed
May 2022 The Committee promotes a citizens survey in the May News & Views. Completed
May 2022 A survey to citizens to gain their insights on how the BDCA can best serve citizens is prepared and approved by the Executive at the May meeting. Completed
June 2022 The Survey will be published in the N&V, put on-line for citizen feedback. Comments due July 31, 2022 In progress
July/Aug 2022 The Committee will present the findings to the Executive for discussion.  
September 2022 Top line results of the survey will be published in the News & Views.  
Sept-Nov 2022 Based on feedback from citizens, changes to the Constitution will be discussed with the executive and the document will be revised by the Committee. The Committee will provide a draft for comments to the Executive in October.  
November 2022 Citizens will have an opportunity to comment on the draft Constitution proposed.  
Dec- Jan 2023 The Constitution will be finalized.  
February 2023 The revised Constitution will be adopted at the BDCA Annual General Meeting.