Event Details

This event finished on 25 January 2023

We will begin promptly at 1:30 pm at the George McLeish Community Centre in Senneville Park, just behind Pacific Avenue, near Morningside. 

There is a large island which lies off the shore of Baie-D’Urfé. This island once belonged to the Dowker family, and is still known as Dowker’s Island. It was once the home of a thriving summer resort.

One of our members, Guido Socher, recalls the glory days of Dowker’s Island.

Guido Socher  has a fascinating website that contains a great deal of history of the West Island. We think that you will all enjoy it.

Some individuals in Bermuda read his website about Le Sabot and the Morgan family in Senneville that he had posted and they contacted him when they were trying to save Southlands, a large estate, formerly owned by the Morgan family in Bermuda.

Here is what Guido said and the links to his excellent website and the details of the former Morgan property.
“A group of people in the Bermuda Islands contacted me a while ago after they had found my page about the Le Sabot and the Graystanes :
They were campaigning to save the Southlands Estate of the Morgans in Bermuda and I think they were successful: