February 8,2022

Highlights – Town Council Meeting, Feb. 08, 2022

(Held via webcast due to COVID-19 restrictions – Full recording and agenda of the Town Council meeting is available on the Town website.)

Mayor Ektvedt opened the meeting at 7:33 pm.

Adoption of the agenda with the addition of item no. N.1 (Cancellation of Public Call for Tenders for Professional Services for review and reform of Urban Planning Bylaws of Baie-D’Urfé.)

Question Period I

What will be the fee for a partial house demolition (50% or less of roof removal) ?

There still remains many more discussions with council regarding an overview of the entire demolition process, which will include this subject.

Was there an in-depth study of the true permit cost?

Staff thoroughly looked at not only fees charged in neighbouring municipalities, but also at the work required.  For example, more staff had to be hired to ensure bylaws were properly adhered to.

The new paving work done on Lakeshore this summer is already showing cracks. What is being done about this?

Public Works Dept. is aware of this situation, caused by buses driving with one side on the road and the other side on the adjacent surface. Correction will be done.

Why is not more funding allocated to poor road conditions?

The budget of 2022 for road conditions has increased by 50%. Evaluations have been completed with a priority for Sunny Acres and Lakeview.

What is the view of the new council members regarding the renovations for the Town Hall instead of moving staff to the Public Works building?

Council members reviewed the plans of the restoration and renovation regarding pros and cons. The entire council support the plans of this iconic building.

Will councillors have portfolios assigned to them?

Mayor Ekvedt has suggested a new system will be implemented. There will be committees called internal working groups. The premise is that all councillors will have the knowledge of all activities in town. Citizens should feel that they are able to go to any councillor or direct questions to the entire group.

Commander’s Report

Note: The Director General presented Commander Couture’s report on his behalf.

A search for a missing 71year old Beaconsfield woman in our territory has been the priority of the police force. The search of Baie-D’Urfé has been completed.

Mayor’s Report

The Mayor reports that activity on the Agglomeration Environment Committee has not started.

The SPVM are reconsidering plans regarding centralizing the Police Force.

In Town related subjects, citizens may have noticed a new look to the News and Views. The Mayor congratulates Mr. Gregson on his first edition. For up to date news the Mayor recommended citizens to look at the Citizens’ Association Facebook page and website (www.baiedurfe.ca)

There will be lots of activities for citizens to participate in. There are calls for committee members to join three different committees, Traffic and Safety, Environment, and Parks & Recreation. More details are in the Mayor’s Report in the News and Views and on the town’s website.

Councillors’ Reports

Councillor Lowensteyn:

Reminds citizens that the Citizens Association’s AGM will be held on Feb.15 via ZOOM.

Also, the Library’s AGM will be held on Feb.28th at 7:30 PM via ZOOM. An e-mail will be sent to all members

Councillor Bissada:

Reported that she attended the Curling Club’s Board meeting on Jan.26th. Members are invited to practice while following the Club’s Covid guidelines.


Letter regarding by-laws concerning protection of trees and root compression during demolitions and constructions, are there by-laws concerning this?

Councillor Lowensteyn: Yes. An Arborist report on the health and possible damage to all trees on a property is required. We now have more staff to follow up to ensure instructions are adhered to.

During the work done at Bertold Park, one tree was poorly protected due to construction equipment piled on it. The situation was corrected. Unfortunately during the stabilization of the shoreline a portion of tree roots that extended into the water could not be protected.


  1. Awarding of a mandate to Attain Group Inc for $52,530.93 for professional services for the preparation of plans and specification for telecommunications, security and audiovisual – Town Hall restorations project. Unanimously passed.
  2. Adoption- Policy on the Code of Ethics and Good Conduct of the Elected Officials. Passed unanimously.
  3. Adoption- Policy on the Code of Ethics and Good Behaviour of Municipal committee members. Passed unanimously.
  4. Change of employment status. Human Resources Coordinator, Chantal Guyon, from part time to full time. Unanimously passed.
  5. Non-renewal of a fixed term contract, Director of Communication.
  6. Appointment of Communication Coordinator, starting Feb 14,2022 for a probationary period of 6 months. Unanimously passed. Mayor Ektvedt welcomes Philipe St. Aubin to the administrative team
  7. Request for exemption from the Professional Liability Insurance Fund of the Barreau du Québec. The town clerk is a lawyer who works exclusively for the Town of Baie-D’Urfé and is therefore eligible to be exempt. Passed unanimously.


 Approval of list of expenses for January 2022 and period 13, 2021 ($ 819,564.80). Passed unanimously.

  1. List of contractual expenses for 2022, tabled.
  2. Filing of candidates’ election expense report by Treasurer.

Public Security and Traffic

A request has been sent to the Minister of Transport for the Quebec provincial police to increase surveillance of persons not respecting the speed limit on Highway 20.

Public Works & Town Infrastructure

  1. Authorization of an expenditure over $25,000 within the framework of the rehabilitation

of the service road on highway 40 to Ali Excavation Inc. for $ 81,573.13. Passed unanimously.

  1. Awarding of contract to Le Groupe Conseil Génipur Inc for $ 240,826.64 for professional services for the preparation and specifications for the rehabilitation of  Lakeview and Sunny Acres  Passed unanimously.
  2. Presentation of the TECQ 2019-2023 version no.2 work program. Town agrees to abide by the rules therein. Passed unanimously.

Town Planning

            Appointment of members of Town Planning Advisory Committee (TPAC) for a term of two years

Council members:       Janet Ryan                  Chair

Brigette Chartrand      Councillor

Citizens                       Stephanie Bonin

Charles Cobden

Yves Lamoureux

Michel Delorme

Carmen Rinfret

Council Vote: 4 councillors in favor, 2 councillors against.

New Business

N1-Cancellation of Public Call for Tenders for Professional Services for review and reform of Urban Planning Bylaws of Baie-D’Urfé. The submitted bids were above budget and therefore are all to be rejected and the tender is to be cancelled. A new call for tenders will be implemented. Passed unanimously.

Question Period II

Question 1: Has the use of the  Public Works building for expanding staff been considered?

Question 2: Which councillor will handle communication with all media and citizens?

Both questions are deferred to the next public meeting, Mar.8, 2022.

Meeting closed at 8:51 pm.

Jack Toyota reporting for News & Views