January 11, 2022

Highlights – Town Council Meeting, January 11,2022

(Held via webcast due to COVID-19 restrictions – Full recording and agenda of the Town Council meeting is available on the Town website.)

Mayor Ektvedt opened the meeting at 7:37 pm.

Adoption of the agenda with the withdrawal of item no. L.1 (Appointment of members to the TPAC)

Question Period I

Questions sent prior to the meeting to the Town Clerk (as per instructions on Baie-D’Urfé website).

  • Question 1 Are funds allocated in 2022 budget to continue the sidewalk on Surrey from Apple Hill to the Beaconsfield Border? Ans: No, it is not in the Capital Expense program (PTI). The drainage issue between Lakeview and Apple Hill has a higher priority and must be dealt with first. A large sum has been set aside in the PTI for the drainage
  • Question 2 – Are funds available for a proper berm to be built along Surrey using a possible grant from the Province plus the full city tax base and will it be completed during the current mandate? Ans: The previous Council had decided on 50% from MTQ, 25% from Town, and 25% from a local tax. The current Council has not revisited this issue yet. It is listed for 2023 as per the PTI.
  • Question 3 – Why is the Town buying an ATV for itself? Why not share the one that the Rescue Squad has? – Councillor Gruber: The request was investigated but there are several good uses to have a Town owned ATV. The one at Rescue Squad is often used for emergencies and may not be available when the Town needs it. Plus a previous loan of the ATV resulted in some damage which kept it out of commission for a while.
  • Question 4 from a Beaconsfield resident. Car and motorcycle racing has increased on highway 20. Will Baie-D’Urfé join Beaconsfield and other towns to request a reduction in the speed limit and use of radar on the 20? Mayor Ektvedt: A letter from the mayor of Beaconsfield regarding this issue was received and it will be discussed at the next Caucus meeting.

 Mayor’s Report

1) Happy New Year to all.  2) The third dose booster shot is now available at Bob Birnie Arena and Dollard Civic Center. Thanks to both cities of Pointe Claire and of Dollard des Ormeaux and the CIUSS West Island 3) In keeping with healthy outdoor activities, the Town ski trail is open 4) We had over 41 applicants for the 5 positions on the TPAC, hence the removal of that item from tonight’s agenda. We will take the time to properly vet the applicants. Indicated also that the refonte réglementaire will be addressed by the Council to involve all its members.  5)  Calls for applications for other committee positions will be advertised in future issues of News and Views.

6) Councillors’ Positions on Committees:

Traffic Committee to be chaired by Councillor Ryan with Councillor. Gruber as member

Parks and Recreation Committee to be chaired by Councillor Bissada with Councillor Lowensteyn as member

Junior Council to be chaired by Councillor.Lowensteyn with Mayor Ektvedt as member.

Environment Committee to be co-chaired by Councillor Lowensteyn and Mayor Ektvedt with Councillor Drouin as member

Internal Finance Committee to have councillors Chartrand, Bissada, and Ryan as members

Internal Administration Committee to have councillors Bissada and Drouin as members

Internal Security and Emergency Preparedness Committee to have councillors Drouin, and Gruber as members

Internal Seniors Committee to have Councillor Bissada as member

Internal Recreational and Cultural Groups and Special Events Committee to have Councillors Bissada and Lowensteyn as members.

Councillor Bissada will liaise with recreational groups while Councillor Lowensteyn will liaise with cultural groups such as the library, the BDCA, and Fritz Garden.

Councillors Gruber and Bissada will liaise with integration of new residents

7) Thanks to the Citizens’ Association (CA) for the Snowman Contest. Already seeing some photos on social media. Tony Brown did an excellent job as editor of the News& Views these past few years and is being replaced by Richard Gregson

8) Sledding on Alan’s Hill is safe with vigilance provided by Public Works. Thanks to DG Bouchard , Nick Mavrias and Ron Smith of Public Works in particular.

The Rescue Squad is also on hand at the Hill every weekend

9) The ASM will follow closely the cost cutting measures being implemented by the SPVM and the growing deficit at the STM. Commandant Couture, SPVM – Station1 could not be present for that meeting but did convey the message that there was no indication of any cuts in the level of service or presence of the police in the area.

Councillors’ Reports

None this month

Director General’s Report

1) The administration is following all Covid measures to protect employees and the public. Some employees are in isolation. All public buildings are now closed to the public except by appointment only.2) The Council is committed to moving forward with the Strategic Vision. The DG has appointments with consultants and the mayor. 3) Regarding Town Hall project, have received comments from provincial government regarding documents required for the confirmation of the grant. Still need a letter from the Culture ministry re. the archeological site. Latest architect plans to be presented to Council soon.


  • Letter from a resident, Mrs. Yolanda Rodriguez, asking why is parking tolerated on sidewalk on Lakeshore making it impossible to pass without walking on the street– Councillor Drouin: Current Town employees are not mandated to enforce this by-law. Parking on the sidewalk of the Lakeshore is indeed prohibited. Suggests to contact Town Administration. Funds are allocated in the 2022 budget to hire an inspector with authority to enforce the by-law. Alternatively, one could contact the police at 514-280-0101. Mayor Ektvedt added that the town did not wait for this council meeting to handle this complaint, and a response has already been given to the citizen.


  • Notice of motion and tabling of draft by-law – By-law no. 1104 establishing the Code of Ethics and Good Conduct of elected municipal officers of the Town of Baie-D’Urfé.
  • Tabling of the Report on the application of the By-law no. 1068 on contract management for 2021.
  • Appointment of Mitchell West and Madeleine Boivin as ice rink attendants for winter 2022. Approved unanimously A third position is unfilled but posted on the town website.
  • Appointment of Jean Charles Breton and Mark Tait-Belvedere as auxiliary blue-collar workers to water the ice rinks and do general work. Approved unanimously


  • Approval of the month of December 2021 expenses in the amount of $ 547,964.49
  • Approval of the transfer of funds 2022 Aliquot shares.
  • Adoption – By-law no. 1058-1 repealing By-law no. 1058 creating a financial reserve for the repair and maintenance of the Town’s aqueduct system.
  • Notice of motion and filing of draft by-law – By-law no. 1077 imposing the general property tax for 2022 and adopting other fiscal measures.
  • Notice of motion and filing of draft by-law – By-law no. 1078 concerning tariffs for 2022.

Parks, Recreation and Environment

Approval of the renewal of contract with Services d’arbres Primeau inc. for arboriculture services for the year 2022 for a total amount of $67,375.35.

Public Works and Town Infrastructures

  • Approval of the contract to Lange Patenaude Equipment Ltd. For the purchase of Kubota ATV at $ 38,206.74 on contract DP-2022-03. Approved unanimously
  • Tabling of the 2020 annual report on the management of drinking water

Town Planning

Appointment of Councillor Gruber as chair of the Demolition Committee with councillors  Drouin and Bissada as members for a period of one year, from January 2022 to January 2023.  Councillors. Lowensteyn, Ryan and Chartrand are nominated as substitute members.

Citizen Services and Community Affairs

Approval of the annual grants for non-profit organizations for 2022 as follows

Baie-D’Urfé Library                                                   $ 148,200,

Baie-D’Urfé Citizen’s Association (BDCA)              $ 61,400,

Community Buildings Club of Baie-D’Urfé (CBC)   $ 60,000

For a total of                                                               $ 269,600

Councillor Bissada recused herself as President of library. Approved by majority vote.

Question Period II

  • No questions

Meeting closed at 8:51 pm.

Jack Toyota, reporting for News & Views