Highlights – Town Council Meeting, January 14, 2020

Pro-Mayor (Councillor) Lowensteyn opened the meeting at 7:30 pm. 15 citizens attending. 

Question Period I

– Question about the Joseph Henrico school’s septic system and Public Works coverage during weekends – yes, on call as needed.

– Possibility of placing salt bins on Morgan Road.

Councillors’ Reports

Councillor Doherty: 1) Members of Baie-D’Urfé Search & Rescue Squad honored at Christmas party/BBQ. Continue to be very busy helping the community with responding to basement floodings, etc. 2) Lights at skating rinks have been adjusted at Dorset (6-10 pm) and Balsam (4-10 pm).

Councillor Gilpin: 1) Jr. Council’s year-in-review will be posted; 2) skate park/track was approved. 3) Electronic billboard well used by citizens for communications; billboard request form is now available and accessible on-line. 4) Sign yourself for CodeRED if need assistance in emergencies.

Councillor Lowensteyn: reported on ice rinks after all the rain – Dorset & Red Barn rinks are OK, Picardy & Balsam are coming along as of today. Better weather will improve conditions.

Councillor Ryan: Demolition review for 53 Lakeview will be held on Jan. 28 at 7:00 pm.

 Director General’s Report

Ice rink situation: Following complaints last year of noise from pumps being used to water the ice rinks overnight (due to the lack of nearby fire hydrants), Council had asked Public Works to stop night-time watering & only do it during the day. Following the warm temperatures & rain & complaints about the condition of the skating rinks, Council removed the restriction on night-time watering of ice rinks.


1) Letter from citizen expressing interest in having TrekFit equipment installed; 2) other letter about skating rinks already discussed.


1) Agreement ratified between Ville de Montreal & Town of Baie-D’Urfé to obtain share of provincial grant for expenses needed for the legalization of marijuana (e.g. costs of signs, training, etc.). 2) St Valentine’s Day Ball fund-raiser for West Island Palliative Care Residence will be attended by Mayor Tutino & Councillor Ekvedt. 3)

TrashTalk project: grant agreement signed; Lucas Hygate was also on CTV & interviewed on radio about the project. Well done Lucas!


1) Transfer taxes for higher transaction amounts have been increased in line with what other municipalities are doing. 2) 2020 Contractual expenses and December 2019 expenses were tabled.

 Parks, Recreation & Environment

Continuation of partnership with GRAME for planting and follow-up of 200 trees in industrial park.

Public Works &Town Infrastructures

Awarding of contract for 2020 paving plan – soil samples will be taken prior to paving. List of streets to be paved will be posted on Town website.

Citizen Services & Community Affairs

1) Grants for community groups were awarded to Baie-D’Urfé library, curling club, Yacht Club Jr Sailing School, Jr Council, Fritz Farm Youth Gardening Program, Lakeshore Minor Hockey Federation, BKRA Ringuette, West Island Palliative Care Residence, Baie d’Urfe Citizens’ Association, Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (Quebec) Inc., School of Human Nutrition of McGill University (Lunch & Learn Program), Baie d’Urfe Pool (to come).

2) Excellence Support program award to Ayden Watt for Sailing (Plymouth, USA & NY, USA), Evandra Zlobec for Gymnastics (Marseille, France), Eliana Zlobec for Gymnastics (Marseille, France), Chloe McBoyle for Synchronized Swimming (Quebec)

 Question Period II

– Questions about status of commandant (commandants are rotated);

– List of streets for paving (citizens on streets affected will be informed & list posted on Town website);

– Where does transfer tax go (buyer pays to Town as welcome tax);

– Better communication needed about which rinks open & their locations;

– Status of berm (province OK to fund 50% but under condition that it is 65 m longer; this change/increased cost needs to be budgeted so construction will be only in 2021).

– More trees from GRAME – only in Industrial Park);

– Change of old equipment previously at Bertold Park (after dog park placed, equipment removed & kept at Public Works – will be put back elsewhere.

 Wendy Hauck, reporting for News & Views