July 14,2020

Highlights – Town Council Meeting, July 14, 2020

(Held via teleconference due to COVID-19 restrictions; Full recording and agenda of the Town Council meeting is available on the Town website.)

Mayor Tutino opened the meeting at 8:08 pm.  Addition to agenda: N1 grant from Programme Nouveaux Fonds Chantiers Canada-Quebec Volet des Petits Collectivites for curling club project.

Question Period I

Questions sent prior to the meeting to the Town Clerk (as per instructions on Baie-D’Urfé website).

  • Numerous questions regarding permits. DG: Urban planning dept now has only 12 files in backlog. 11 files need more steps through the building committee.  If request is for a normal permit & is complete, should take about 1-2 weeks.
  • Speeding along AppleHill, speeding along Morgan & Surrey, Normandy between Oakridge & Lakeshore: Councillor Ektvedt: Both will be discussed by Traffic Committee.
  • Canine recreation area shoreline & summer water line: DG: For now, the entrance to the water is being completely redone by the shoreline stabilizing program.  Once completed, buoys will be placed in the water to provide ample swimming room for your dogs.
  • Questions about masks in Baie d’Urfe? Mayor Tutino: Town had been considering mandating masks, but provincial government has now made masks mandatory in public areas (in effect July 18th).  Many thanks to the ~20 volunteers from The Masketeers for making ~500 masks.  Town distributed free masks to all >70 yrs old & to volunteers; donation received from MNA Mr Kelly & will be used for more masks for those supervising/working in public areas (such as pool lifeguards).
  • Many questions about leafblowers: Councillor Ryan: Notice of motion will be tabled tonight & will start the consultation period – will be voted on next month. Town has received many complaints about noise of leafblowers including petitions with 15 signatories.  Amendment is still not set in stone.  Comments on this proposal are welcome.  Current rules: leafblowers allowed (applies to private residences & contractors) M-F 7 am to 8 pm, Sat. 10 am to 4 pm.  Max 65 decibels at distance of 50 feet.  Exemption to Town’s Public Works.  Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Beaconsfield, Kirkland, Pointe-Claire, Dorval, Senneville, Westmount  have similar by-laws, but some also allow on Sundays.  Similar noise limits & similar exemptions for Town employees. Beaconsfield & Westmount do not allow leafblowers in summer months.  Please send your comments prior to next month’s Council meeting.
  • Future Council meetings on Web? Councillor Gilpin: Town will continue to hold meetings via Zoom for August & September; future meetings will be evaluated later.
  • Seriously overgrown unoccupied properties? DG: 2 requests received to cut back grass & bush (old OLCO, vacant lot on Morgan); procedure is to notify owners to cut it & if they are unable, Town will do it & send the bill to them.
  • Painting of Red Barn & sewer work on Dowker? Councillor Doherty: work on Red Barn will be carried to 2021 due to COVID pandemic. Major sewer work scheduled is only 10-15% for Dowker rest is in new parking lot of CPE – contractor will be instructed to not inconvenience home driveway entrance.
  • Site selection of CPE & poll costs? DG: CROP poll cost $15,900; CROP survey for location – $8000. Council requested a professional company to carry this out as per the usual way.
  • Communication about soil contamination? Company doing tests sent email with results that no decontamination was needed.
  • Soil contamination behind Red Barn? DG: contamination was limited to where it was found – other trenches had been tested but found negative.
  • Canine recreation area swimming area is too small? Councillor Lowensteyn: Size of swim area was answered previously by DG.  Floaters to be attached to pier.  Timelines of shoreline stabilization project linked to conduit repair in Bertold Park – work cannot be started prior to Sept. 1st,and timelines are then hard to predict at the moment.  Installation of water fountain & seating for dog owners– tender came in at a high cost so Public Works will be doing instead & will start after construction holidays.

For the second question period, questions should be submitted after the particular agenda item (not wait until the end).

Mayor’s Report

No report from Commandant due to vacation.  Confirmation that he will be part of next month’s Zoom meeting.

COVID-19 numbers as of July 13: Town of Baie d’Urfe has 31 confirmed cases & 3 deaths.  No change in the community at large since March.  Additional ones with impact on our numbers came in from Maxwell Residence – terrific work from the administration at the Residence was able to contain the outbreak.  No further active confirmed cases.  Mayor Tutino also reviewed the new directives from the Provincial Government regarding masks & family gatherings.

Flag at half-staff at Town Hall were in memory of past councilors that had recently passed away: Lionel Groom, Arthur Shama, Michel Beauchamp.

On a positive note, we have 12 centenarians in Town – 3 more names to be added to the oak tree – Centenarian Tree: Georgette Laporte-Kastner, Dorothy Branston, Joanna Whitner.

Councilors’ Reports

Councillor Ektvedt: Coast Guard Auxiliary protocols have been revised to include normal water patrols.  Securite Civile de Montreal has OK’d the patrols of those >70 yrs old.  Peaceful gathering in support of Black Lives Matter (organizers: Samara Ogorman, Madison Pope, Sam Popovich)

Councillor Lowensteyn: BDAC programming started.  Reminder that recreational swim is free of charge to residents; need to register on bdac.ca website & reserve your time slot; COVID-19 precautions are in effect, so arrive with your mask

Councillor Gilpin: Junior Council met in June & are planning some activities.  Communications portfolio: preparation of communications of porta potties in Fritz Farm & Rhian Wilkinson Park (for soccer practices) and reminders to wash hands.  Speed limit awareness campaign for during the back-to-school period.  Tribute to Michel Beauchamp.

 Director General’s Report

Invite citizens to take part in our consultation on CPE location on Thursday July 16 at 7:30 pm on Zoom.  Architect and engineers for parking lot will be there.  Input is welcome for Council to eventually make a decision about the location of the daycare in August.


Letter from Lisa Jonas-Marcoux’s request to put Black Lives Matter on the Town’s electronic billboard.  Unfortunately, the billboard policy does not permit political messages.

Letter from Susan Hawker & Friends of the Environment regarding glass recycling.  Separation of glass & items in recycling bins to encourage better recycling.  Recycling falls under Agglomeration Council & Town has been looking into options.  This idea (separation of recyclables at source) has been brought to the Agglomeration several times in the past and we have yet to hear from the Montreal Executive whether they agree and whether there will be an action plan. Mayor Tutino read excerpt from report from Commission that was sent to Montreal Executive.


Minor corrections to June minutes were tabled.


1) List of expenses for June 2020 approved.  2) Transfer of funds ($100,000) for further COVID-19 costs such as PPEs, visors, laptops, supplies for Rescue Squad, etc. was approved.  3) Additional expense (unplanned due to COVID pandemic) for the preparation of a presentation and live assistance for a public information session regarding the construction of the new CPE ($5173.88).

Parks, Recreation and Environment

Following public consultation on website, the favored Pumptrack location was at Morgan Park.  Since only few expressed opinion, Council decided to do trial run at different locations, starting at Morgan Park.

Public Security & Traffic

Public Works and Town Infrastructures

1) Awarding of a contract to SaniVac for emptying of septic tanks – two 2-yr contract with two 1-yr renewal options.  2) Awarding of contract for paving resurfacing work on several streets in Baie d’Urfe to Pavage Ultra Inc. (streets listed on website).  3) Adoption by Town to upkeep of storm water control best management practices and to keep an operations and maintenance log following the work carried out by the MTQ.

Town Planning

1)Town Planning Advisory Committee (TPAC) (term: July 14, 2020 to Oct. 7, 2021) new committee appointed: Janet Ryan, Andrea Gilpin, Charles Cobden, Chuck Colomb,  Daphne Hurtubise, Carmen Rinfret, Tom Thompson. 2) Notice to intention of amending nuisance by-law (969-14) to restrict leaf blowers from June 1 to September 30.

 Citizen Services and Community Affairs

Excellence Support Program assistance of $100 awarded to Sara Isabel Radziszewski, Quebec Junior Heptathlon.

 Addition to the Agenda:  Grant application for part of new building fund from Canada-Quebec small communities fund

Confirmation received that the Curling club ice cooling system of $86, 666 qualifies for this fund.

 Question Period II

Leafblower question: part of process is for Council to look at all the letters & comments about leafblowers prior to arriving at a decision over the next month.  Council is in the consultative phase right now.

Clarification about daycare location: Council was aware of locations prior to poll.  Awareness of poll results were only on the morning of the day of the Council meeting.

Meeting closed at 10:15 pm.

Wendy Hauck, reporting for News & Views