June 14,2022

Council Meetings–Highlights

Overview – Town Council Meeting, June 14 2022

Meeting was held in person at Whiteside Taylor and was also offered by videoconference. These notes are an overview. The meeting and agenda, in its entirety, can be found on the Town website. Text in italics indicates the minute marker for the videoconference for quick reference. . Mayor Ektvedt opened the meeting at 7:31.

First Public Question Period. (Minute 3:03)

  • Request for council to respond to outstanding questions with respect to Rue Surrey. Director General will reach out to relevant parties with an update on this open file.
  • Clarifications to minor exemption by-law provided by Urban Planning Department. The exemption does apply to an extension on a main building. A minor exemption can be received for a nonconforming extension on a building 5 years old, however, the context of the demand will be reviewed and does not mean that exception will be granted. The minor exemption can be applied to other builds (shed etc) on the lot as long as the main building is over 5 years old. All elements in the zoning bylaw and subdivision by-law with the exception of density and usage can be applicable – again granting of the exception will be made in context of the individual demand.
  • Concerns raised over the return of the pump track to Morgan Park and potential increased road crossings on this busy road. Some additional measures will be taken by public works but it should be noted that with or without the pump track – Morgan Park is a park open for children and the public.

Report on the activities of the SPVM Station 1. (Minute 10:37)

  • There was a complaint for the non-compliance of the stop sign located at the intersection of Lakeshore/St Andrews. A police operation was organized and many infractions were given.
  • On May 12th a meeting held at City Hall to plan summer events – Police Officers and cadets will be present at the Baie-D’Urfe Days this weekend
  • On May 18th, during the Police Week, the SPVM organized a “Share the Road” where two police officers teamed up with five members of the West Island Cycling where one police cycle had a measuring device to measure the space that vehicles provided for the cyclists when passing them. Tickets were issued and it afforded the police an opportunity to educated citizens about the rules.
  • June 6th bicycle activities with Grade 6 students from Dorset Elementary School – a 15km ride along the streets of Baie-D’Urfe was undertaken.
  • June 8th Operation at intersection of Morgan and Lakeshore. Tickets were issued to cyclist for various violations; wearing headphones, not respecting stop signs, riding on the wrong side of the road and riding on the sidewalk. Cyclists must attend a bike safety conference if they wish to have their tickets cancelled
  • Over the past month there has been an increase in calls for seniors who have been subject to fraud – Grand Parent Scam. The strategy used is always the same someone calls and mentions that a grandchild or relative needs money – usually to get out of or stay out of jail. The caller builds up a sense of urgency and stresses the importance of not mentioning the call to anyone. The senior withdraws money from the bank and then hands over in an envelope someone who comes to their home. During the week of June 6th, the banks in the area were visited by the police officers to make staff aware of this type of crime. On June 7th due to the vigilance of a senior in Beaconsfield the police were able to arrest 3 suspects. However caution is still required. Tips to avoid this type of crime will be posted on the website.
  • No major criminal event took place over the last month.

Mayor’s Report. (Minute 16:12)

  • Sad news received on May 16th of the passing of Herb Pidcock who was a long time resident and volunteer. A previous article in the News and Views is available online, detailing the wonderful contributions to our town by Herve. The family has asked for privacy at this time but the Major felt the importance of paying respect to Herb Pidcock.
  • Mayor represented Baie-D’Urfe at the West Island Chamber of Commerce Gala Evening on June 9th.
  • June 16th will be the start of Concerts in the Park. Special thanks to Louise and Keith who organize these events over the summer.
  • Baie-D’Urfe is on Saturday, the mayor and council will be present. A thank you to the Citizen’s Association for putting this event together.

Councillor’s Report

Cllr Bissada. (Minute 20:40)

  • Tennis Club is open and membership is going well. New gazebo has been installed.
  • June 30th there will be a second senior rendezvous. Reservation is on a first come basis details are available in the News and Views,
  • Commenting on Bill 96, Cllr Bissada encourages all citizens and Quebecers to learn French and also she encouraged learning English and even a third language which provides a richness and a deeper understanding of culture.

Cllr Lowensteyn (Minute 24:08)

  • Summer concert start on 16th June – very proud that the first will be performed by Baie-D’Urfe’s own David Rourke and his trio
  • Junior council will be having a table at Baie -D’Urfe days, please encourage our children to pass by

Director General’s Report (Minute 25:40)

  • No bids were received during the tender process for the Town Hall Project for multiple reasons that have been discussed with the architect – one important reason being the suppliers of wood (key aspect of the design) are giving only guaranteeing the price for a very limited period. The tenders were due in at 11am but the suppliers were only releasing the wood prices at 9am- so it is believed that this caused some difficulties. The process is being amended to give additional time and it is expected that we now receive prices from the contractors in August.
  • Met with the Evaluator of Montreal for next roll – it is no surprise that properties have increase (in value) considerably not only in our area but the whole of Montreal. Council is yet to see this document, the Director believes that this will be a challenge for the council to balance at budget times the value of the residential and industrial parts of the town. The report will be made public in July.
  • The Supreme Court has ruled on Data Centres contesting their property evaluation. The ruling upholds the original evaluation which will allow council to review the release of some reserves once the official confirmation is confirmed.

Correspondence (Minute 31:36)

  • Question on how there is a 28% increase in cost of the rehabilitation of Sunny Acres and Lake View before the work has commenced. Response: Numbers entered into the PTI are estimations at the time. The request for a higher amount is often done to provide a cushion – this is not the actual known cost of the project. The real price will only be known when the tender is accepted. Question on Electric Vehicle charging stations and that a double charging station is the same price as a single charging station – should council be proactive and installing double stations. Confirmed by council that the stations at Whiteside Taylor will be double. Clarification was sought on the vague description in the PTI for a Hydraulic for Vehicle Maintenance, council confirmed that this was a typo and should have read Hydraulic LIFT for Vehicle Maintenance. Question on need for a further new truck for the rescue squad. Will there be additional costs associated with equipping this vehicle. Response is that this is an expense for 2023, this is an estimate from the rescue squad and is expected to include all the customizing. The rescue squad will be responsible for any additional costs.
  • Concern that Demolition Committee will no longer be available via Zoom. Council urged to reconsider. Response: this was not the intent, council discussed whether to continue with an outsourced approach – professional service or a homegrown Zoom type approach to allow for a both online and in person experience. The intent is to continue to move forward with the dual approach.

Administration (Minute 39:50)

  • Myriam Léger was named as a new Town Clerk for the Town as of June 15 2022.
  • Maïse Labé was named as Environmental Technician as of May 9 2022.
  • Danté Redat was named as Urban Planning Inspector as of June 15, 2022.
  • Baie-D’Urfé will sign the collective contract with other municipalities and the UMQ to obtain services of a consultant for group insurance.

Finance (Minute 45:25)

  • Expenses for the month were $8,414,134.21. This was predominantly the Amalgamation payment of $7,295,000 to the Ville de Montreal
  • Financial Report and the Auditors Report. The Mayor’s report has been sent through the mail and printed in the June News and Views.

Public Security and Traffic (Minute 50:45)

  • In accordance with 2018-04-95, council approved the continuation of Baie-D’Urfe Traffic and Road Safety Advisory Committee with membership made up of 2 councillors and 3 citizens for a period of a further 2 years commencing June 2022

Public Works and Town Infrastructure (Minute 52:29)

  • Contract was awarded for the production of topographic plans which are needed to evaluated the shoreline at Fritz and Town Hall.
  • Tender TP-2022-01 – Professional services of drainage rehabilitation work for Surrey Street awarded to FNX INNOV Inc to correct drainage issues.
  • Participating in group municipalities for the procurement of deicing and salt materials for the winter 2022-23.
  • Authorized Groupe Conseil Genipure to sign any documents for the Town to the Minster of Transport for the rehabilitation of the water and drainage along Sunny Acres and Lakeshore Road.

Town Planning  (Minute 1:01:00)

  • Council takes note of the tabling of minutes from the Town Planning Advisory Committee held on 27th May
  • Minor exemption – 20410 Lakeshore for maximum height of 9m – approved by council. Rationale based upon renovation doesn’t exceed existing height, there is no obstruction to neighbouring housing. Council stated that there would be prejudice to the Town Hall if not accepted.
  • Council adopted by-law 875-126, amending by-law 875, in order to create zone I-53 and increase the fines for tree cutting

Citizen Services and Community Affairs  (Minute 1:05:30)

  • The list of recipients for the Excellence Support Program was approved by council
  • Council approved a financial contribution of $2500 to the Baie-D’Urfe Rescue Squad 15th Anniversary celebration

Second Public Question Period. (Minute 1:08:10)

  • A citizen expressed concern with respect to the minor exemption for 20401 Lakeshore. Concern that this sets precedence for the future. Concern was expressed that this was a conflict of interest for the Town. Council reiterated its position and the process that it was followed to reach this position.
  • A citizen asked for clarity when TPAC was aware that the design for 20401 Lakeshore was in contravention to the Town’s by-law – Council explained their understanding. Council was asked their opinion on whether the View would be affected by this minor exemption – council responded. Council also expressed that the process for minor exemption now exists for these purposes and cases are treated individual. Final question was whether council felt there is a conflict of interest on the issue of the Town Hall project – Council members responded.