June 8, 2021

Highlights – Town Council Meeting, June 08, 2021

(Held via webcast due to COVID-19 restrictions) Full recording and agenda of the Town Council meeting is available on the Town website.)

Mayor Ektvedt opened the meeting at 7:31 pm

Land acknowledgement statement: Baie-D’Urfé is located on the unceded territory of the Kanyen’kehà:ka people. Our town recognises and respects them as the traditional stewards of the lands and the waters of Baie-D’Urfé.

Question Period I

  • Question regarding the branch chipper: Having only one chipper makes the procedure last for more than 21 days – too long. Answer: Director General Nicolas Bouchard: limited manpower and large number of branches (first chipping) are the reason.
  • Question regarding installation of speed bumps. Answer: Councillor Phelps: The concern is noted and will be Transferred to the Traffic Committee.
  • Question regarding a request for cones and permission to close the street to host a party. Answer: Request is to be applied for through the administration.
  • Question concerning the Canadian flag at Bertold Park. Answer: It might take another week or two for the flagpole to be fixed.

 SPVM Station 1 Report

 Chief Commander Dominique Couture: – No major incidents in May.

  • Traffic was highly affected by the closure of the Ile-aux-Tourtes bridge. 21 police officers helped improve the flow of traffic.
  • Complaint concerning respecting the speed limit on Morgan street was handled.
  • There was a question concerning the legality of tinted car windows. Answer: Dark tint car windows are against the law.

Mayor’s Report

1) Land acknowledgement statement: the town flag at Fritz will fly at half-mast for 9 days, 1 hour for each of the 215 Kamloops children. Federal and Provincial flags on the town hall can only be lowered after an approval from Ottawa and Quebec. 2) Best wishes to Commander Bianchi who is retiring and many thanks for his services to our community at Station 1; Welcome to Commander Couture et to Lieutenant Labelle.  3) Heartfelt sympathies to Nadia Bissada for the loss of her husband, John Ahrens. 4) Weekly Covid meetings are being held with (CIUSSS) de l’​Ouest-de-l’Île. Appointments for second vaccine doses are moved up according to the age group. Go to Clic Santé to adjust your appointment. Baie-D’Urfé has one of the highest vaccination rates in the WI. 5) Strategic Vision: A successful meeting with the clubs and associations was held on May 13th, a Zoom meeting for the public on May 27th, and a Zoom meeting for youth age 7-18 was held on May 29th. 6) SurveyMonkey was very successful with around 400 participants. 7) Bill 96 was introduced into the assembly on May 13th, but it has not passed yet. Baie-D’Urfé is a bilingual town and it does function well in both languages. It is not among the towns running the highest risk of losing their bilingual status, but there is concern. The town will represent its residents and their interest adequately. 7) Every municipality is to decide whether its citizens are allowed to vote by mail. Our citizens, 70 and older, will be able to make a choice on how to vote, by mail or in person. 8) The Mayor will be running for the Mayoral office in November election.

Councilors’ Reports

Councilor Lowensteyn: 1) Pump track trial period at Weir Park has started to help determine its permeant location. 2) No mow areas between Cornwall and Westchester have information signs installed. 3) Tennis and Yacht clubs have started their season. The pool is being painted. Scheduled opening date is June 14th. It will again be free for recreational swimming. The hours will be posted on BDAC Facebook page and website www.bdac.ca

Councilor Gilpin: 1) Cost Guard report: in 5 weeks they responded to 7 emergency calls, brought 6 boats and 14 people safely to shore. Operators of watercrafts need to be careful because water is lower than usual and there’s a channel for speed boats. Please wear your life jackets. Rescue squad helped a citizen who fell on the pavement of the shopping center and provided first aid assistance. 2) vCOPs observed big trucks and trailers which are parked badly and block the roads. If you hire contractors, please make sure they park their trucks safely. 3) Facebook page has 273 followers and around 287 interactions per week. 4) New electronic board has great resolution and will allow our messages to be updated in a more dynamic way. 

Director General’s Report

Thank you for the constructive comments concerning the strategic planning. June 16th there will be a Zoom meeting at 7pm discussing the acoustic screen project, the berm, studies and propositions. All information will go out on the different communication channels. Citizens are encouraged to participate.


  • Letter regarding pesticides – Councilor Lowensteyn: Restrictive by-law prohibits pesticides in Baie-D’Urfé. To enforce the bylaw, the Urban Planning Department (in collaboration with vCOPs) will be issuing warnings and tickets when caught using pesticides especially in terms of cosmetic lawn care. Communication Department will prepare an information pamphlet to educate and encourage citizens, as well as putting the information on the Town website.
  • Letter regarding the Tree Donation Program – Councilor Lowensteyn: There were a few technical difficulties with the spring tree giveaway reservation process. The process will be modified for the fall. The quality of the trees is verified by the Supervisor of Green Spaces & Environment. However, exceptions will be looked into by the administration.


  • Appointment of Ms. Francesca Crawshaw-Daoust to the position Secretary in the Town Clerk’s office as of June 14, 2021 with the probation period of 6 months.
  • Awarding of contract with L’Équipe Humania Inc. for the Human Resources Professional Services Mandate.
  • Awarding of a contract – DPC-2021-02 – Purchase and installation of an electronic billboard.
  • Notice of motion and filing of draft By-law no 1068-1 amending By-law no 1068 on contract management of the town of Baie-D’Urfé in order to promote Quebec goods and services.


  1. Approval of the list of expenses for the month of April 2021 ($7,611,714.33 – the large amount this month is explained by the inclusion of the Town’s quote part to the City of Montreal.
  2. Highlights of the 2020 Financial Report and the Auditor’s report (detailed information are published in the Municipal Bulletin, page 5 of the June 2021 issue of N&V).
  3. Transfer of funds – 2020 Financial Statement Results (Total of $5,146,284.34)
  4. Council takes note of the deposit of the statement of immovables for non-payment of taxes

Parks, Recreation and Environment

  • Awarding of contract DP-2021-07 – Replacement of carpets and miscellaneous flooring for the Curling Club – to Tapis Lipman for $34 249,18.
  • Awarding of contract DP-2021-08 – Replacement of the lounge’s ceiling for the Curling Club ($61 195,44)
  • Awarding of a contract – TP-2021-06 – Shoreline Stabilization and Outfall Rehabilitation at Bertold Park – to Aménagements Natur’eau-Lac Inc for $618,805,23.

Public Security and Traffic

  • Rejection of the proposals made by Vélo Québec – Layout of Axis 5 of the Route verte on Lakeshore Road – The proposal was to have the bike path in the middle of Lakeshore between the lanes, but the road is too narrow for that. The Town is looking for a safer alternative route.

 Town Planning

  • Adoption – By-law no. 1074-1 amending By-law no. 1074 concerning tariffs for 2021 – Removal of the swimming pool filling service – The service hasn’t been used enough to continue offering it.
  • Professional mandate to a law firm – 8 Sunny Acres
  • Request for approval of a Site Planning Architectural Integration Program (SPAIP) – 8 Sunny Acres

 Citizen Services and Community Affairs

  • Donation to the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation. ($1000)
  • Authorization to hold the event Shakespeare-in-the-Park 2021: Summer of Sonnets on August 6, 2021 ($1250)

 New Business

  • The Municipal Council allows voters 70 years of age or older to vote by mail for the 2021 general municipal elections of November 2021.
  • Resolution concerning the bilingual status according to section. 29.1 of the Charter of the French Language. The Town of Baie-D’Urfé declares that it wishes to maintain its bilingual status as half the residents have English as their mother tongue.

Question Period II

  • Question regarding our bilingual town. Can the town promote bilingual immersion in its new Strategic Plan? Answer: Mayor Ektvedt: Bilingualism is alive and thriving in Baie-D’Urfé. We have a conversation group at the library and three language groups at Fritz Farm.


Meeting closed at 9:19 pm.

Lara Ali, reporting for News & Views