June 9, 2020

Highlights – Town Council Meeting, June 9, 2020

(Held via teleconference due to COVID-19 restrictions; Full recording and agenda of the Town Council meeting is available on the Town website.)

Mayor Tutino opened the meeting at 7:30 pm. Introduction of interim Town Clerk: Francine Crête. Both the Mayor & DG read a statement concerning the unacceptable spreading of hostile messages on social media.


Question Period I

Questions sent prior to the meeting to the Town Clerk (as per instructions on Baie-D’Urfé website).

  • Is drainage problem on Sunny Acres crescent part of BdU drainage plan? DG yes and we are planning for implementation of changes in 2021.
  • Fixing of infrastructure – Red Barn, etc. & paving of Lakeshore Road? 2 letters received about repairs to Lakeshore before cycling season ends. They will get done, but may take a little longer. Pushed back to 2021 due to delays in the planning stages due to COVID-19. Urgent balcony repairs at Fritz Farm will get done in fall 2020. Several other road work/pavings have been completed. Engineering consultations for Lakeshore are underway as described at last meeting.
  • New CPE budget & budgetary mindfulness? Has not yet gone to tender. Expected in the fall & we’ll then have a better idea of budgets.
  • Berms? Sound study done for Minister showed that positive effect of sound reduction would go at least 300 m beyond the berm towards the lake.
  • Lakefront access property bought last year – sewer & drainage costs? Buried sewage pipe under that lot; since Town bought that land, there is no cost.
  • Water garden beside the Town Hall – pump does not work. Working on replacing liner which has holes (delayed due to COVID-19) and then new pump will also be put in.
  • Crosswalk repairs? Work is ongoing so that sunken pavers will not be a problem next year.
  • Consideration of moratorium on new construction until new by-laws are adopted? Will adopt by-laws as soon as possible, but not feasible/lawful to have moratorium
  • Steps taken or considered for delays in home constructions on Oakridge or Apple Hill? Renovations turned into a demolition situation, work was stopped & owner had to submit new plans in compliance. Owner is acting in good faith.
  • Is urban planning team’s rigorous approach to building permits accepted by administration? This is not a change in vision & is as was before. DG will follow-up with citizen directly.


For the second question period, questions should be submitted after the particular agenda item (not wait until the end).


Mayor’s Report

No report from Commandant.

COVID-19 numbers as of today: Town of Baie-D’Urfé has 29 confirmed cases & 2 deaths (from Maxwell Residence). Our thoughts are with the families & the Residence.

Two new volunteer groups: 1) Gardening at Maxwell Residence, and vegetable garden has been planted & watered. Exceptionally big thank you to the parents & the children who came out to dig, plant & water everything on Sundays until the residents can do so themselves – McBoyle family, Vandham, Bruce family, Giroux & Drouin family, & Robert Brown for digging up the vegetable garden. 2) Other volunteer group provided 15-minute concerts at various locations.

This is what’s beautiful about this Town – volunteers always come forward to help each other.


Councilors’ Reports

Councilor Lowensteyn: Opening of BdU pool – plans for logistics to open are underway & will be presented to Council & then announced   Santé Montreal recommends that playgrounds are use at your own risk. Bertold Park design also being reviewed.

Councillor Ektvedt: Thank you to the VCOPs for their many volunteer hours with various projects during this pandemic & with 7 active patrollers. Looking for 2 citizens to join the Traffic committee.

Councillor Gilpin: Thank you to all our volunteers & to all on the front line. Communications portfolio: cannabis signs in parks. Committed to safe re-opening of the Town.

Councillor Phelps: Successful opening of Library! Library is organizing pick-up & return of library books. Volunteers take books in & after 3 days re-shelve them so as to keep everyone safe. Can order the books online.

Councilor Doherty: Trained 3 new members of Coast Guard Auxiliary but moratorium due to COVID-19 protocols. Crew is on standby for immediate assistance in case of emergencies, but no usual patrols on weekends. Rescue Squad provided 144 combined volunteer hours, 23 days of security patrols in addition to that provided by VCOPs.


Director General’s Report

Month of May focused on the review of opening protocols. Looking at re-opening of public buildings – washing hands & wearing masks are necessary. Looking at establishing a dog station in the shade since dogs will not be allowed inside



Public consultation about PumpTrack location: all potential locations had been included. Input will be evaluated. Thank you to all & for bringing up the drainage issue at one of the sites.

Leaf blower use: Seem to be used all the time & not just in the fall. Council is aware & working on an amendment to the Nuisance by-law, likely to be tabled in July.



1) As of June 15, Tania Le appointed as Town Clerk, 2) Chantal Guyon appointed as part-time human resources coordinator , 3) Ronald Smith appointed as permanent supervisor of Public Works



2019 Financial report & Auditor’s Report were accepted. Mayor’s report of highlights will appear in News & Views, pages 4, 5, 6, 7 and will also be available on-line. Transfer of funds ($60,000) for COVID-19 costs such as plexiglass dividers, masks, etc. was approved – goal is to get this reimbursed.


Parks, Recreation and Environment

Morgan Arboretum is open to members only, as of June 1st. Town will reimburse residents up to 1/3rd of cost of membership (maximum of $30).


Public Security & Traffic


Public Works and Town Infrastructures

Tender for professional services for the shoreline stabilization project at Bertold Park was awarded to the lowest qualified bidder. Tender for the replacement of the yacht club’s wastewater treatment system so that it meets all code was also awarded as usual to lowest bidder. Permission was given to CN Railway to carry out necessary work. Modification to the plans of the canine recreation area needed for water access following shore stabilization. Authorization for the reconstruction of a parking lot & related work at the Whiteside Taylor CPE and the municipal library will be applied for to the MELCC – this was already planned to be done. Tender awarded for the purchase of a 10 wheel truck (big dump truck to be used for hauling of heavy materials in replacement of very old unit) to be delivered probably late next year.


Town Planning

1) Site Planning Architectural Integration Program at 20329-20331 Lakeshore was not approved, 2) Audrey Duchenes hired as municipal technician for the Town Planning Dept.


Citizen Services and Community Affairs


Question Period II

How long is waiting period for Permits & what is backlog? DG will ask the dept & reply at next meeting or by email.

Apple Hill has become a major thoroughfare, can we install speedbump? Will be dealt with at next meeting’s Question Period I, since this is not a question about an item on the current agenda.

Regarding reduction of canine recreational area, can we use summer water level? DG will reply to Citizen & will carry forward to next Council meeting.

Meeting closed at 9:22 pm.



Wendy Hauck, reporting for News & Views