November 12, 2019

Highlights – Town Council Meeting, Nov. 12, 2019

Mayor Tutino opened the meeting at 7:30 pm. 11 residents attending. 

Question Period I

Questions about:

  1. The demolition at 21 Apple Hill;
  2. Whether soil tests have been conducted at the new CPE site – yes, currently looking for bids from architects, on track for opening in spring 2021;
  3.  Speed signs;
  4. The possibility of a sidewalk in front of AvH together with signage (looking into costs).

Mayor’s Report

  1. Transfer taxes & property values; 46 of 49 properties in Baie-D’Urfé sold for a higher price than evaluation.
  2. Power outage – Thanks: – to Rescue Squad for their 12hrs/day pumping basements; – to the VCOPS for going door-to-door in affected neighborhoods; – to Maxwell Residence for welcoming those without power for longer period of time.
  3. Environment: waste management in Baie d’Urfe is good overall, meeting objectives and mostly better than the agglomeration.  Room for improvement; how can we improve? Goal is zero waste by 2030.
  4. Tragic death at tracks at Baie-D’Urfé train station – pedestrian paths need urgent revision.

Councilors’ Reports

Councillor Gilpin: Jr. Council had submitted their big project for a grant, but were not successful.  However BdU resident Lucas Hygate’s proposal of turning trash into art (“trash talk”) did get a grant awarded! Congratulations! Game night at the Red Barn continues. Councilor Ekvedt: Attended the sold-out fund-raising show, One Woman Show – at John Abbott College by Tracey McKee (BdU resident).  Also attended a private group tour of the Pierrefonds library arranged by our head librarian.  Thank you! Councilor Doherty: Last report of the year from the Coast Guard Auxiliary: over the summer they rescued 70 people, and saved $500,000 worth of properties

Director General’s Report

  1. Enforcement of speed limits: 479 speeding tickets were issued in 2019 (vs 285 in 2018).
  2. Drainage pipe project being looked at.
  3.  Budget planning underway.
  4. Special branches shredding after the wind storm.
  5. Ice rink will be at Dorset school instead of Bertold Park.


Letters were received about:

  1. Shoreline stabilization – in 2020 budget;
  2. Refurbishing of boat ramp near Bertold Park – being considered;
  3. Community Calendar/Web Calendar -one stop shop is good idea and councilors will look into it to see what goes on it;
  4. Family Association – should perhaps be folded into the Citizens’ Association;
  5. Youth Centre. & Recreation Coordinator – referred to Citizens’ Association;
  6. Proposal for pool/tennis/yacht club youth summer pass – can be considered;
  7. Outdoor Crossfit – to be considered;
  8. Publisac distribution ban – Montreal analysis will come out by Dec. 5th.


  1. Tyson Munday appointed as Interim Director of Town Planning.
  2. Deeds of servitude for Hydro-Quebec and Bell Canada were granted..


  1. Transfer of funds for the financing of the Childcare Centre (CPE) from the surplus – more info on BdU website;
  2. Tabling of the October 2019 expenses.

Parks, Recreation and Environment

Contract awarded for collection & transport of organic waste 2020-2021.

Public Works and Town Infrastructures

  1. Annual report on the management of drinking water was tabled – grant will be applied for.
  2. Lights on Highway 40 service Road being done at same time as rest of work at entrance to industrial park.
  3. Aqueduct leak at fire hydrant on Clark-Graham Avenue has been repaired.
  4. Entente has been signed with the Lester B Pearson school board for a temporary outdoor skating rink at Dorset Elementary School.  Other schools also interested – will evaluate project after this winter season.

Town Planning

  1. Small change at 302 Lorraine approved.
  2. Tabling of minutes of the Town Planning Advisory Committee.

Citizen Services and Community Affairs

  1. Excellence Support program awarded to Eric Pelletier for swimming Brendan Haines for sailing CORK International Regatta 2019), and Marissa Horton for soccer (Canada Soccer Toyota National Championships).
  2. Donation to l’Association Quebecoise de prevention de suicide in memory of Francis Deroo’s brother.

Question Period II

  • Are we considering Crossfit or Trekfit equipment – Beaconsfield has Trekfit).
  • Does skating park have a non-hockey part – no, but rinks at Picardy, etc. do.
  • Who owns the Service Road – for light replacement, BdU services that segment in the Industrial park.
  • Emergency plan for communicating during long power outages – CodeRED is on a hard line & thus continues to work; put in your contact numbers for CodeRED on Town website.
  • Will skating rinks be ready on time – plan is in place, but somewhat dependent on weather.
  • Whose responsibility is it to remove fallen trees (after windstorm) – if on public land/road, call public works, otherwise home owner.
  • Clarification requested about recreation coordinator – creation of such a post is not being considered.

Wendy Hauck, reporting for News & Views