November 8,2022


Notes on the Council Meeting held November 8th, 2022

Meeting was held in person at Whiteside Taylor and was also offered by videoconference. These notes are an overview. The meeting and agenda, in its entirety, can be found on the Town website.

Questions from the public

  1. This question period was highly unusual due to the high number and volume of questions and complaints about the on-going drainage project involving Lakeview Road and Sunny Acres Road. The mayor requested that all questions on this subject be presented in order that she could address them all without having to repeat answers for similar questions. The mayor reminded all that this area was a construction site and that all precautions should be taken by residents. She also requested patience from the residents until the contracted work was completed and then any deficiencies/safety concerns would then be noted and corrected. We advise you to consult the webcast of the meeting available through the Town’s website for more details.
  2. Derek Cowie, 6 Morgan – what was the result of the demolition-committee meeting for the Town Hall project – DG Bouchard replied that the project was approved, and the recording of the meeting is available through the Town’s website.
  3. Brian Manning, 24 Lakeview – (a) Regarding the Town Hall project – based on the lowest bid being about $6.7 million, what is the Town’s ceiling for spending on this project – DG Bouchard explained that the project had been approved by the Québec government for a grant totalling 69 percent of the tendered amount ($4,485,000) so that the Town would be responsible for about $2,220,000 plus any overruns. (b) how much is the rent for the office space for Town Hall staff in the industrial park – $2,937 plus tax/month. (c) why is the survey on recreational activities limited to those over 15 years of age – Mayor Ektvedt responded that it was felt that the answers would be more of a family affair for children younger than that.
  4. Nancy Mersereau, 13 Apple Hill – The city of Pointe-Claire publishes online all reports presented for demolition permits; why doesn’t Baie-D’Urfé do the same – Cllr Gruber responded that these reports are the personal property of the owners and that they must give permission to the Town for public presentation and that this matter will be addressed in our bylaw revision.
  5. Karin Gebert, 11 Lakeview – permits issued for tree-cutting must be displayed and visible from the street but often are not and when will the Town act to prevent the illegal cutting of trees – Cllr Brown stated that this is an on-going issue, and some action has been taken by the Town against persons illegally cutting trees.
  6. John White, Balsam – asked what could be done to improve street cleaning in the winter – Mr. White will be contacted for clarification of his question.

The normally 30-minute question period was closed at 21h05 and most of the audience departed.

Mayor’s Report

Mayor Ektvedt thanks Megan Smith and Antonella Di Marino for their organization of the Halloween event; there were approximately 30 participants.

The Council and Administration are working on the 2023 budget. Figures will only be finalized after the adoption of the City of Montreal’s 2023 budget in which the agglomeration share will be made official.

The annual New Years’ Levee will take place on January 1st, 2023, in the Red Barn.

Councillors’ Reports

Cllr Bissada spoke to the Seniors’ Rendezvous on November 17th, the Lunch-And-Learn program on November 23rd and the Café-D’Urfé every Wednesday from 10h00-15h00 at the Curling Club.

Cllr Lowensteyn spoke to the Junior Council activities – Games Night at the library on November 18th, their regular meeting on November 29th and youth participation in the World Café Workshop for urban planning on November 19.

Cllr Gruber spoke to the activities at the yacht club, VCOPs and of the Coast Guard Auxiliary unit. He also reiterated the call for additional volunteers for the Town associations.

Cllr Brown spoke to the activities of the Rescue Squad – their training, the successful search and rescue in St-Donat, their participation in Halloween activities and the now-restored annual oyster party in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Montreal-Lakeshore.

Director-General’s Report

DG Bouchard presented the report submitted by Commandant Couture of the SPVM, i.e.: There were police operations carried out due to complaints of people ignoring stop signs at the Surrey/Apple Hill and Lakeshore/Churchill intersections. Quite a number of tickets were handed out. Thefts from vehicles at the beginning of November were all from vehicles that were left with their doors unlocked. There was a reminder that citizens can contact the station at 514 280 0101 or

He also presented more detail of the provincial grant towards the costs of renovating Town Hall, such as how the 69 percent figure was calculated.


An e-mail was received on October 23rd from M. Poulin, 47 Lakeview regarding the drainage project; it was responded to by e-mail. The details are available on the webcast.


The monthly cash disbursements totalled $1,721,000 and included a refund of the $70,000 bond on the 8 Brittany project, $50,000 for the arborist work on the Lakeview/Sunny Acres project and a $326,000 payment to the contractor of the Lakeview/Sunny Acres drainage project.

Public Works and Town Infrastructure

The garbage-collection and recycling-collection contracts were both renewed for one more year.

Town Planning

A SPAIP for the construction of a new house was approved for the property at 20134 Lakeshore Road. Cllr Lowensteyn voted against this motion due to concerns about the discrepancies from this proposed house to its neighbouring ones.

Citizen Services and Community Affairs

A request from the Community Buildings Club for an additional grant of $100,000 was approved – Cllr Brown recused himself from the vote and Cllr Chartrand voted against it.

Two grants of $100 each were awarded to Stéphane Abidi and Isabelle Lemay for their participation in the Ultimate Frisbee Championships held in Ottawa on August 6th and 7th.

Question Period

Kevin Doherty, 47 Lombardy asked if Council would hold any tax increases to three percent or less – Mayor Ektvedt stated that it was too early to say.

The meeting was adjourned at 22h12.