Highlights – Town Council Meeting, October 8, 2019

Mayor Tutino opened the meeting at 7:30 pm.  Six residents attending.

Questions –  Period I

  • Question re. the recent repairs made to the Lakeshore path – Hot-asphalt was used, thus ensuring durability of the repairs.
  • Question regarding repairs to residential streets – priority given to repairs to A40 and access road to Industrial Park; some residential areas’ repairs may be postponed to next year. A schedule of repairs will be made available.

Mayor’s Report

1) Fruit trees planted at the Fritz Garden on Saturday, Sept. 28th ; Baie-D’Urfé received a grant from Tree Canada for a second year in a row. 2) On Friday, Sept. 27th, participated in the Climate March downtown; 500,000 people marched peacefully and orderly 3) Will take part in the Hero Run on Oct. 12th. 4) Agglomeration taxes will go up again; significant increase of the property value for Baie-D’Urfé, and for most of West Island cities, compared to the value for Montreal (more details in the municipal newsletter).

Councillors’ Reports –

Councillor Lowensteyn: 1) Tree Planting on Sept. 28th at the Fritz garden was a great success: about 50 volunteers braved the rain; all fruit trees were planted; guest speakers included government (provincial and federal) officials, Tree Canada rep. as well as a special environmental rep. from the UN. Thanks to Tree Canada/Telus for their grant. Volunteers are still needed for the ongoing maintenance of the garden and trees. 2) At Maxwell Residence, Thomas More Institute is offering a course, $15, about food and its evolution (18 sessions; Mon.; 11:00am – 12:15pm). 3) The Girl Guides now counts 22 members and needs volunteers to assist. (For items 2 and 3, if interested, please contact Councillor, or check her Facebook page). 4) Pat McMullan passed away: social coordinator at the Yacht Club; vibrant and generous person who will be dearly missed.

Councillor Doherty: 1) To date this year, the Coast Guard answered 28 emergency calls; 69 people brought safely to shore; the average response time less than 10 minutes. 2) Baie-D’Urfé Rescue Squad provided first aid support for various activities in schools; hosted reception for Nova West Island and On Rock Community Services. 3) VCops did not miss a single patrol day; continue to submit their reports.

Councilor Ektvedt  – 1) Attended Climate March downtown; great experience. A smaller march, initiated by a resident, was held in Baie-D’Urfé for younger children; was also a very successful event. 2) Happy to have attended various town’s organizations (CBC, Library, Junior Council), and learned about their respective activities; impressed by our volunteers’ dedication and energy. 3) Also attended the Fritz Orchard event and loved the experience. 4) On Nov. 9th, at John Abbott, a one-woman-show, “I’ve Got This”, about dealing with cancer, created by a town resident, $40/ticket; proceeds will go the Cancer Wellness Centre.


Director General’s Report: 1) The Town will not pursue the Summer Camp project for 2020 – deemed unsustainable financially. Baie-D’Urfé residents/parents of young children are directed to Senneville; the Town will look into subsidizing the extra fee that they would have to pay as non-residents of Senneville. 2) Ms. Mary Robinson was hired as the new receptionist and is doing a great job.


Administration – Approval to renew the employment contract of the Building Manager, Serge Castonguay, for 1 more year.


Finances –Tabling of September 2019 expenses, and of candidates 2019 by-election expenses.


Public Works and Town Infrastructures

Approved: 1) Acquisitions of : >>a multi-purpose sidewalk tractor; >> various snow removal equipment; >> a new salt box for the 5-ton truck. 2) Cancellation of the purchase of an electrical vehicle. 3) Additional Professional Services for extending the repairs of A-40 Service Road and Morgan another 200m to Av. Clark Graham 4) Contract awarded for a geotechnical study of the construction site of the new CPE. 5) Rejection of the one tender submitted for the construction of a berm because of the high cost. Project on hold for now, waiting for a potential future government funding.


Town Planning

Approval of site planning architectural integration program for construction of a concrete wall in the side yard of 20724 Gay Cedars.


Citizen Services and Community Affairs

Excellence Support program awarded to: Sarah- Isabelle Radziszewski for Athletics in Quebec City and in Thetford Mine, and to Brendan Haines for Sailing in Kingston.

 Question Period II

  • Will the new receptionist’s work with Communication as before?- Not for now.
  • Would the trees be sprayed in the Fritz Orchard? No, unless absolutely necessary (pesticides are banned in Baie-D’Urfé, special permission will be needed)
  • Parents of young children should keep in mind the Junior Sailing program of Baie-D’Urfé as an alternative to summer camps. Last summer this program was 100% full.
  • An update about the renovation of the Town Hall (was expected to be part of the DG report) – A new update to the study done in 2013 is needed; residents will be informed and consulted.
  • Did the Town decide on the maximum amount it would pay for the construction of the 2nd Day Care? Not yet, but should be in the range of $1.5 to $2 million.

Nadia Bissada, reporting for News & Views