Sept 13,2022

Notes on the Council Meeting held September 13, 2022 – The meeting was called to order at 19h30.

Meeting was held in person at Whiteside Taylor and was also offered by videoconference. These notes are an overview. The meeting and agenda, in its entirety, can be found on the Town website.

The agenda was adopted with two changes – adding N1 regarding a resolution about the federal lands at the Dorval airport and N2 regarding the Strategic Vision 2022-2026 action plan

Questions from the public

There were none!

SPVM Report – Commandant Couture

Speeding operations were carried out in front of WST and on the A40 service road.

Two traffic officers attended the July meeting of the Traffic and Road Safety Committee.

Officers were present at our schools on the first days in collaboration with Rescue and vCOPS to remind everyone of safety in school zones.

There is a bike-safety workshop being scheduled.

There was a reminder that citizens can contact the station at 514 280 0101 or

Mayor’s Report

The Mayor addressed the road/drainage project on Lakeview and Sunny Acres roads; she noted that the renovations to the exterior envelope of the Fritz house will start the beginning of October and last until December.

The Association des bibliothèques publiques du Québec had sent out its report comparing public libraries in Quebec, based on 2019 data.  Our library excelled with 97% compared to a provincial average of 67%.

The ALPS swim competition was attended by over 1,000 people and was handled very well by the BDAC, the Rescue Squad and the vCOPS – thanks to all.

The Mayor mentioned the August 27th fireworks, the August 28th concert, the 15-year anniversary of the Rescue Squad, the upcoming Seniors’ Rendezvous and Storytime at the Library on September 30th.

The Agglomeration environment committee is setting up public consultation on potable water consumption.

Councillors’ Reports

Cllr Lowensteyn informed us that the Garden at Fritz had donation, to date, 1,971 pounds of produce ($6,300 value approximately), everyone is welcome to drop off their leaves (only) at the Garden for composting and that the Garden is looking for volunteers for the 2023 season.  She also mentioned the Junior Council’s Games Night at the library on September 27th.

Cllr Bissada reminded us of the Curling Club’s open house on September 25th, 26th and 27th.  She also mentioned the Seniors’ Rendezvous on September 15th and that anyone interested should contact Irene Perstinger at 514 457 5858.

Cllr Gruber spoke to the vCOPs’ activities – they did 93 patrol hours during the month of August.  In July, the vCOPS held a get-together at Fritz and presented certificates to the families of Heinz Bury, Michel Beauchamp and Dinii Nymark, as well as one to Keith Sulany, the much-appreciated husband of Gillian Bennett.  The Coast Guard Auxiliary Unit has responded to 53 calls and rescued 105 people and 25 watercraft.  Volunteers for all these organisations are welcome.

Cllr Brown presented a report on Rescue Squad activities (592 hours in August).  They were present at the Vintage Car show and the fireworks, and provided first-aid support at the Ribfest and ALPS, and participated in a missing-persons search near College Charlemagne, pumped out a flooded basement and joined the police and vCOPS at the first days of school.

Director-General’s Report

There have been recent sales of 7 properties in the industrial sector – value of approximately $95,000,000. The SPVM has issued 43 recently (mostly for speeding) for a year-to-date total of 364.  The Town held an information session for Sunny Acres and Lakeview roads residents on August 24th. The Town Hall tender opening has been re-scheduled for September 23rd due to the volume of questions from potential bidders.


Cllr Brown tabled a letter from Mr. Gordon Spicer concerning minor exemptions and related questions concerning Council processes.  Due to the complexity of the inquiry, Council will reply directly to Mr. Spicer in writing.


Ms. Alexa Riva was appointed to the position of Urban Planning Clerk; the list of new blue-collar employees for the months of July and August was tabled.

A motion was adopted that Ms. Myriam Léger and Ms. Laurence Laflamme were exempt from holding professional liability insurance as they both worked exclusively for the Town and the Town would accept liability for any issues.

There were motions passed regarding assess to documents and personal information as well as appointment of the members of a committee for said items.

Legal proceedings were authorized regarding the demolition work at 35 Morgan due to illegal tree trimming, etc.

Two draft bylaws (1043-10 – delegation, control and budgetary monitoring and 1052-1 – financial reserve for drainage, aqueduct and sanitary sewer works) were filed under motion.


The monthly cash disbursements totalled $571,699 – nothing exceptional this month.

Reimbursement of costs ($344) to attend the Ethics course was authorized to Cllrs Brown and Thompson.

Parks, Recreation and Environment

The hourly-rate contract for tree removal services with Services d’Arbres Primeau was extended for 2023 in the amount of $71,284.

A contract for professional services for the Fritz Park Shoreline Stabilization Project and Outfall Rehabilitation was awarded to the single conforming bidder, Aviso Experts-Conseil, in the amount of $294,016.

A contract for the supply of trees for the Fall 2022 Tree Donation Program was awarded to the lowest conforming bidder, Pepinière Dominique Savio, in the amount of $16,673.

A contract for the replacement/upgrade of drinking fountains in various parks was awarded to Global Industrial in the amount of $38,834.

Cllr Tony Brown was appointed to the Environment Committee; Cllr Chartrand was appointed to the Parks and Recreation Committee; Cllrs Thompson and Brown were appointed to the Traffic and Road Safety Committee.

Public Works and Town Infrastructure

A contract for a study to divert and optimise drainage in the Picardy Park sector was awarded to the lowest conforming bidder, Groupe Conseil Génipur, in the amount of $44,380.

A contract for professional services regarding the impact of the Lakeview/Sunny Acres project on the trees, shrubs and roots was awarded to Nadeau Forestière Nadeau in the amount of $60,000.

Town Planning

A request to install windows on the front of the semi-detached house at 20358 Lakeshore that are a different colour from the other attached residence was denied upon advice of the Town Planning and Advisory Committee.  This property is affected by the SPAIP restrictions.

  1. Martial Pagé was appointed to the Town Planning and Advisory Committee.

Cllr Thompson was appointed to the Demolition Committee; Cllr Brown was appointed as alternate.

Citizen Services and Community Affairs

A grant in the amount of $2,000 was awarded to the McGill School of Nutrition Lunch-and-Learn program. A donation was received from MNA Greg Kelly in the amount of $2,000 to offset this grant.

A grant in the amount of $7,074 was awarded to the Curling Club to compensate for expense incurred by the Town’s request to keep the ice-cooling system running for testing after the Club was closed for the season.

Under the Excellent Support program, a grant of $100 was awarded to Evandra Zlobec.

New Business

A resolution was passed to request the Federal Lands Department to recognize the importance and biodiversity and protect from development the lands to the northwest of Pierre-Elliott Trudeau Airport. These lands include the Golf Dorval property and the Monarch Field.

A contract for the continuing development of the Town’s Strategic Vision plan was awarded to The Planning Group in the amount of $40,011.

Question Period

Mr. Glen Turner of 20358 Lakeshore Road requested that the Town re-consider his request for the installation of windows that are a different colour from those of the other residence of this semi-detached house.  The Mayor recommended that Mr. Turner write to the Urban Planning Department strongly explaining that he has the support of his neighbour and that they both feel the building should be treated as two separate residences; however, the property is affected by the SPAIP.