Mayor Tutino opened the meeting at 7:30 pm. There were 10 citizens attending.

Question Period I
Question about replacement of the berm along Surrey (cautious about possibiiity of financial support from provincial government, more details by next meeting).

SPVM Station 1 – Commandant Breton
“We are here for your protection!”. Special police presence for the first 2 weeks after classes start. Operation on bicycle road safety conducted on Sept. 4’^ (if you got a ticket you can exchange it for an education session on road safety). Overall higher level of police presence will continue. Increased police presence for this meeting is for public safety from inappropriate manifestations/demonstrators.

Mayor’s Report
Berm situation: already reported on. Teresa Dellar (founder of West Island Palliative Care) has passed away; funeral mass at Basilica was attended. Congratulations to award- winning Junior Squadron and Baie-D’Urfe Yacht Club. Kudos to the Fritz Farm Gardening Volunteers for the bumper crops donated to the Food Bank! Single use plastic ban – other mayors are also on board.

Councilors’ Reports
Councilor Phelps: Library needs volunteers!
Councillor Gilpin; Jr. Council has paired up with library for movies, etc. Game night at the Red Barn. Continue to work on projects to be submitted. New communications section on the Baie-D’Urfe website and will be regularly updated.

Director General’s Report
Follow-up on CPE: plans are proceeding. Plans for drainage are looked at so that can appropriately plan for next year.

Letter about CPE – comments were taken into consideration.

Awarding of contract for human resources professional services mandate to Bromelin.

Tabling of August 2019 expenses.

Parks, Recreation and Environment
Transfer of funds for the treatment (Emerald Ash Borer) of public Ash trees by BioControl, and grants to property owners for treatment and removal of ash trees on private property. Volunteers needed for Tree Planting day – trees obtained through grant from Tree Canada (starts at 9 am Sept. 28 at Fritz Farm). Transfer of funds for purchase of edible fruit trees and planting materials.

Public Works and Town Infrastructures
Canine recreational area at Bertold park – modification to the plans for the parking lot walkway due to problems with soil. Contract for paving cancelled; alternate plans considered. Drainage pipe will be installed on Gay-Cedars Street. Hot asphalt trailer to be purchased for Town allowing Public Works to undertake proper repairs.

Town Planning
Approval of site planning architecturai integration program for installation of a security fence at 19701 Lakeshore, fence for the canine recreational area. Tabling of minutes of the Town Planning Advisory Committee.

Citizen Services and Community Affairs
Excellence Support program awarded to Vincent Boisvert for Green Fleet Sailing Canada in Ottawa.

Question Period II
Question about Ash tree program – wiil program continue? Part of 2020 budget exercise, more news later.
Success rate of trees treated so far? Seems to have stalled many tree deaths – advertised as ~90% success rate. Public trees – program started in 2014 for treatment of 214 trees, treatment every 2 years. Too early to tell about total impact.

Wendy Hauck, reporting for News & Views