September 27, 2022

September 27, 2022

Attendance: Linda Tait, Richard Gregson, Diane Wiess, Laurie Fearon, Jamie Bitensky, Jack Toyota, Betsy Williamson, Andrea Gilpin
Town and Council: Antonella DiMarino and Meg Smith (new Recreation Technician)

Citizens: One citizen was present.

Started 7:36pm

1. Chair Recognition of Quorum & Opening of Meeting

Quorum reached

2. Correspondence Received: (a) Letters to Editor b) Other

One received – will be addressed in section 6.2

3. Agenda

3.1 One addition to the agenda: 7.2 Halloween.

3.2 Agenda was adopted with the addition of 7.2 Halloween.

Motion to accept the Agenda by Linda, Seconded by Betsy

4. Minutes (August 2022)

4.1 Corrections

A few typos were identified and will be sent to Inès for correction and finalization of the Minutes form the August meeting.

Motion by Linda, Seconded by Betsy

4.2 Adoption

Adoption of the Minutes. Motion by Richard, Seconded by Linda

5. Subcommittees

5.1 Treasurer Report by Linda Tait

Refer to Appendix for the Treasurer’s Report.

5.2 News & Views

  • Changed printer with this one being less expensive.
  • This printer increases by 8 pages instead of 4 pages (which is more typical). In the September News & Views we had to expand to 8 pages and therefore we had to add in some extra ads and articles.
  • Budget for the N&V will be the submitted as the same as last year with small increase due to increased printer costs.

6. On-Going Business

6.1 Birdhouse and scavenger hunt project

  • Meeting regarding scavenger Hunt with McGill planned for tomorrow, Sept 28, 2022. Outcome to be updated at next meeting.
  • About 40 bird houses were collected.

6.2 Café

  • Advertised widely: put up posters and published in N&V. It was also posted on social meeting and the electronic bulletin board with a formal invitation to Mayor and Council
  • For the first Café the Baie-D’Urfé Curling Club will let them use their coffee makers. For future will need to buy supplies and they will ask for a donation from citizens for their coffee.
  • The Café will be given $300 and will be asked to save their receipts.
  • The Café will be asked to provide a report at the end of the year

6.3 Rendez-Vous

  • Received a grant from the Town.
  • This is sponsored by the Town and supported by the BCCA.

6.4 Constitution

  • Provided summary of themes that came out of the survey.
  • From the survey, only received one person who showed interest to volunteer for the BDCA.
  • Non-public meeting to follow this public meeting to discuss some of the feedback the BDCA received from the survey.
  • No emails were received, and no social media activity commenting on the results of the survey were received.

6.5 New and Views Printing

  • Every tenant in the Shopping Plaza receives one but many are thrown out.
  • The industrial park has opted out from the News & Views.

7. New business

7.1 Tree Lighting event

  • Sent out information outlining the proposed event (Diane Weiss).
  • Dates to be chosen based on when Public Works are planning on putting up the lights for the entire Town.
  • Fritz is not an option due to the renovations – need to find an ideal location with a nice evergreen. Tree on the corner near Provigo Shopping Mall (south west) is an option.
  • Scope of the tree lighting event will depend on how many volunteers D. Weiss can find.

7.2 Halloween

  • Pumpkin carving contest proposed at the library by the BDCA.
  • Motion: Linda proposes that top three winners of the pumpkin contest (budget $100) to buy gift certificates for 1, 2, 3 place. Citizens must supply their own pumpkins and accessories. The event will take place at the library and be available for citizens under 17 years.
    • Seconded: Jamie

7.3 Town Report

Two events being planned by the Town:

  • Saturday October 1 -rock painting at Whiteside Taylor Auditorium
  • October 28: Halloween activity decorating a trail between the Library and Fritz.
  • Proposing carolling at the tree lighting or the Toy Drive.

7.4 Question Period to be added to Agenda

  • For next meeting.

7.5 Question Received from one Citizen Present

  • Wanted to know if the citizen’s email will be responded to. Betsy responded that she had to finalize a few details and will get back to the citizen
  • Question about adding Bingo back for citizens. Betsy responded that this is possible it will be up to scheduling it and recruiting volunteers.

8. Date for next regular meeting October 18, 2022

  • Red Barn

9. Adjourned

Meeting was adjourned at: 8:39pm

Motion presented by Linda, seconded by Betsy.

Appendix: Treasurer’s Report

Sent via email to the Executive by Linda Tait on September 27, 2022

Our bank balance for September 27th, 2022 is $96,171. I need to issue a cheque to Groupe DPI for printing the September issue of News & Views in the amount of $8,019.51 and one to Gillian Bennett in the amount of $301.72 for the September Rendezvous.  There are cheques outstanding totalling $2,348.62 so our book balance is $85,502.

The Town gave us all the grant money requested for 2022 activities – $30,000 for publishing and distributing the Town’s newsletter in the News & Views; $25,000 for Baie-D’Urfé Days activities; $3,000 for Winterfest, Snow Sculpture contest and Christmas event; $1,400 for a few smaller projects and $1,500 for distribution to the new Seniors’ Program.  This program (Rendezvous) has had three events and submitted receipts for $543 so we still have $957 of their grant money in our bank account.

We’ve collected $27,608 in News & Views advertising revenues so far in 2022.  There are invoices totalling about $10,000 to collect at the moment.    So, the total advertising revenue to date should be about $37,000.  I have approximately $3,000 of renewals to invoice; we don’t know how much of this will actually be renewed. The printing costs of the July issue of the magazine were much higher due to massive increases from the printer; the quote for printing September’s issue is again over $8,000.  At this time, we are projecting a virtually break-even position at our December 31st year-end.  It is appreciated that Betsy managed to keep the BDD costs down and that we made a couple of $1,000 profits on the day.  This helps to cover overruns on the N&V and the other projects that were not included in the budget at the beginning of the year.